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There are many health conditions that can make moving around feel painful or more difficult. Living with a prolonged condition is not always easy, and in these instances having a stairlift installed in the home can be a huge help. If you’ve ever asked the question ‘who needs a stairlift?’ then you’ll be interested to learn about these 5 conditions that can benefit from a stairlift. Read on to find out more.


Arthritis can be truly debilitating to live with, and for many, the pressure placed on joints when tackling stairs is too much to bear. In these instances, perch stairlifts are often a good option for helping to alleviate the pain experienced when using the stairs, as they offer support without ever having to bend the knee.

Respiratory conditions

According to NHS England, respiratory diseases affect one in five people in the UK. They include things like asthma, emphysema and lung disease. Respiratory conditions can cause severe shortness of breath, making everyday tasks like climbing the stairs difficult and exhausting. So, having the option to use a stairlift when needed can help to provide some much-needed respite.


It’s estimated that almost 1 in 10 people aged over 55 in the UK are affected by peripheral neuropathy. It’s a condition affecting nerves in the body and can cause pain, tingling, and muscle weakness. Another common symptom can be loss of balance, meaning that for the individual, tackling the stairs every day can become a real source of difficulty and stress.

Muscular Diseases

Stairlifts aren’t just designed for older people. They’re an endlessly useful solution for people living with all sorts of muscular and degenerative conditions that affect activity levels. Knowing there’s a safe and comfortable way of getting up and down flights of stairs around the house when you’re not stable on your feet is reassuring, and can help a person maintain their sense of independence by enabling them to get around on their own.


Due to the health repercussions associated with diabetes – including but not limited to, things like obesity, shortness of breath, and loss of balance –  people may find going up and down stairs particularly strenuous. Having a stairlift installed, whether temporarily or long-term, can help take the strain out of tackling steep steps every day.

Regaining autonomy in the home is important, particularly for those dealing with mobility restrictions. Some of the common symptoms of these 5 conditions can be made much more bearable with the accessibility of a lift in the home. If you or a loved one are in need of a stairlift or have been advised by an OT to explore your options, speak to the friendly team at Halton Stairlift on 0800 644 7766. Our experts are happy to discuss all the stairlift options available to you, or to arrange a no obligation quote at your convenience. Whether you’re in need of a straight, curved, or reconditioned stairlift, our experts can guide you every step of the way, from enquiry to installation.