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As we age, it’s natural for everyday tasks to become more difficult than they once were. But, this doesn’t have to mean giving up the things we know and love, it simply means learning to adapt to our new way of life. Here at Halton Stairlifts, common feedback from our customers is that they wish they’d looked into getting a stairlift earlier in their life. If you’re thinking about investing in a stairlift for yourself or someone in your life, but aren’t sure if it’s the right step, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 signs that you might need a stairlift. Read on to find out more.

You’ve lost confidence on the stairs

If you’ve experienced a recent change in mobility or have recently returned home after a hospital discharge, then climbing the stairs can suddenly become a lot more physically draining, and can feel harder or even impossible. In these cases, having a stairlift fitted quickly can help you or a loved one regain independence and make the whole house accessible again.

You’re helping a loved one every time they use the stairs

It’s only natural to jump to someone’s aid if you see them struggling with steps or stairs. But unfortunately, trying to help in this way can actually lead to accidents. By taking someone’s arm and trying to assist them up the stairs, you’re preventing them from going at their own pace, which can cause injury. Walking behind the person to steady them may seem like a good idea while they’re tackling the stairs, but in reality this could result in you both toppling – and no-one wants that!

You’re frightened of losing balance or falling

Unfortunately, the great majority of accidents (both fatal and non-fatal) involving older people are falls. In particular, falls on the stairs. As we age, there are a number of reasons we may experience a loss of balance, so feeling wary when on our feet is not uncommon. Often, it’s the repercussions of a fall, rather than the fall itself that leads to bigger health problems. So, rather than taking the risk, using a stairlift is a much safer option.

It’s taking a lot longer than usual to climb the stairs

If your balance isn’t what it once was, then taking your time when getting around is sensible. However, if this starts to become cumbersome or impractical, then you might well want to consider using a stairlift. The average stairlift takes less than a minute to get you upstairs – a much more convenient option.

You feel out of breath/dizzy after going up or down the stairs

Strenuous tasks can take a lot longer to carry out as our bodies get older. Stairlifts can take the stress out of the necessary chore of climbing stairs. Remember – if you’re finding yourself in pain or significantly out of breath after any stairs or steps, then always contact your GP to ensure this isn’t a sign of a more serious condition.

If you’ve determined that you need a stairlift to help with movement around the home, the process can be easy, and from here it’s a simple case of deciding on the stairlift that’s right for you and your home. Finding a safe, comfortable and affordable stairlift doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. Our experts at Halton Stairlifts can offer easy and straightforward advice, and a free no-obligation home assessment. Call the team today on 0800 644 7766 to book yours.