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Thinking about having a stairlift installed and want to know what to expect? Once you’ve started the process of choosing your chair or stairlift, it’s helpful to know what to expect when the day comes for it to be installed. Read on for a quick guide to stairlift installation with Halton Stairlifts.

What to know before stairlift installation

Purchasing a stairlift can be a big financial investment, so it’s useful for stairlift users and their loved one to know what to expect from their equipment. The day of stairlift installation is an ideal opportunity to ask your engineer about usage, maintenance, and any technical questions you may have once it has been fitted. Each and every stairlift model from Halton Stairlift comes with 12 months warranty as standard. A 24 hour helpline for stairlift breakdowns is also available to every customer, for those unlikely ‘just in case’ moments.

How long will it take to install?

Curious about stairlift installation? The time it takes to install a stair lift will depend on basic practical elements like the size and shape of the stairs it is being fitted to. However, as a rule, most stairlifts can be installed in less than half a day, leaving you with plenty of time to get familiar with your new equipment and go about the rest of your day. The installation process for straight stairlifts (a staircase that doesn’t curve or bend) is fairly straightforward. Average fitting time for this type of fit is approximately two hours.

What happens next?

Once your stairlift has been fitted, your engineer will be happy to guide you through a quick demonstration to get you up and running. This will include all the basics such as safety information and a walk-through of your charging points and remote-control usage. Our friendly fitters will always remove any waste packaging or debris, leaving your home as neat and tidy as they found it. All relevant paperwork regarding your stairlift will be shared with you at this point too.


Aftercare of your stairlift

The life expectancy for a stairlift can vary depending on a number of factors:
amount of daily use, weight of the user, incline of the stairs, and quality of the stair lift model all come into play. However with proper use, care, and maintenance, it’s highly likely that your stairlift will last you a lifetime. When it comes to getting the most out of your stairlift, keeping it clean and maintained is important. We’ve put together a short guide on how to clean your stairlift which you can read here.

Finding a comfortable, affordable stairlift should never feel like a chore. As an independent stairlift company Halton Stairlifts offer the widest range of straight and curved stairlifts available in the Northwest. Each and every one of our bespoke stairlift models are made or matched to fit your stairs perfectly, and stairlift installation is always quick and hassle-free. Speak to the team at Halton Stairlifts to book your stairlift installation today on 0800 644 7766. Or arrange a FREE home survey to get a no-obligation quote on a new or reconditioned stairlift.