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Okay, so when you think of Christmas, a stairlift isn’t necessarily the most festive thing that comes to mind! But in truth, a stairlift can be a blessing when it comes to helping with mobility and keeping the whole family moving – especially over the festive period.

In reality, some people aren’t able to enjoy Christmas as much as they used to. Whether your loved one is facing hospital discharge, dealing with arthritis, or simply facing reduced mobility – you might want to consider giving the gift of a stairlift this Christmas. Here’s what you need to know.

How a stairlift can help at Christmas

Don’t let mobility issues spoil your Christmas! When climbing your own stairs starts to become a strain, it can have a huge effect on a person – not just physically, but also in terms of knocking self-confidence. Installing a stairlift offers a pain-free way of getting around. Crucially, it also helps the user to gain back their sense of independence. If your home is across multiple floors then having a stairlift installed can open up your entire home again.

What if I only want to use a stairlift temporarily?

If you want the convenience of a stairlift, but don’t want one as a permanent fixture in your home, then hiring a stairlift could be the perfect solution. Is there a family member you’re used to spending Christmas or New Year with? Can they no longer join in the festivities because they’re unable to use the stairs when they visit? By renting a stairlift temporarily, you’re given the reassurance of being able to use an upstairs bathroom and your visitors can even enjoy the comfort of sleeping in the upstairs spare bedroom.

A temporary stairlift also has the added benefit of allowing you or a loved one to ‘test drive’ a stairlift without going to the lengths of investing in a brand new one right away. If they love it, the open is always there to buy for their own home after the Christmas period has passed. Plus, by renting with Halton, once your visitors have gone we can remove your rental stairlift when you no longer need it.

Christmas delivery

With Halton Stairlifts, you, or your Christmas visitors can enjoy the benefits of a stairlift over the Christmas period. We provide fast stairlift delivery and installation all year round, including during the month of December. Speak to our expert team to ask about arranging stairlift installation for a relative or hiring a stairlift between Christmas and New Year.

With hassle-free delivery and fast installation, a stairlift can make a brilliantly convenient gift for someone in your family who needs it. As a big investment, it’s even something you could consider splitting the cost of. If you’re curious about having a stairlift installed during the COVID 19 outbreak please read our policy here.

If you’re looking for a stairlift fitted over the holidays contact the Halton team for a free quote and to book your delivery slot. We have limited availability on installation, so call today on 0800 644 7766.