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When the stairs start to cause a problem your thoughts may turn to installing a stairlift. The Halton Stairlifts Guide to Stairlift Rental allows you to consider the pros and cons of renting a stairlift versus buying a stairlift. From style and function to cost and duration, we’ve summarised the key aspects for you to think about before you make up your mind.


Access to the latest stairlift technology

Stairlift rental often means accessing the most up to date stairlift models for a fraction of the price of buying one.  Stairlift engineers work to improve the comfort and usability of newer stairlift models, so when you rent a stairlift you’ll have access to the latest improvements in design.  When you’re renting a stairlift you’ll be able to experience the smoothest movement, user-friendly controls, longer battery life, modern installation methods, and more hardwearing yet lightweight chairs. And when renting, you’ll also have the option to upgrade your stairlift when the newest state of the art models enter the market.

The affordable option

Depending on your circumstances, renting a stairlift can be the most economical option for a lot of homes. Avoiding a lump sum payment, renting gives the option for low-cost monthly payments instead, so you can stay in control of your costs and manage your stairlift budget on a month by month basis.

If you’re planning on using a stairlift for more than a couple of months, it’s likely to be more cost-effective in the long term to buy a stairlift. It’s worth exploring the finance options available to you if you’re not sure whether to buy or rent, so you can make a direct comparison of costs to help you decide. You could start by getting a free quotation from a stairlift supplier like Halton Stairlifts. Broadening your search to include both new and reconditioned stairlifts can also help to accommodate a range of budgets. Halton Stairlifts also offer a price matching promise, matching any written quote for other stairlift providers to help keep costs as low as possible. They also provide 0% financing so you can spread your payments without paying any interest on the price you’ve been quoted.

A short-term solution

If your stairlift usage is expected to be temporary, stairlift rental can be the ideal short-term solution compared to buying a stairlift. Stairlift rental can be an economical way to help people who are:

  • Recovering from short-term injuries or are recovering from surgery that has affected their mobility temporarily. A rental stairlift can be quickly installed and removed without any damage to decor, allowing individuals to get around their home as they complete their physical rehabilitation or until their mobility improves.
  • Visiting a home with stairs. If you are used to using a stairlift or live in a single story dwelling, visiting friends or relatives who don’t have stairlift access to upper floors can be an obstacle and you may wish to discuss the possibility of installing a rental stairlift throughout the duration of your stay.
  • Waiting for a stairlift to be installed by the Local Authority (LA). Sometimes discharge from hospital or intermediate care can depend on whether your home has the necessary equipment to provide access to washing and sleeping facilities.  If this means installing a stairlift, there can often be a significant delay in returning home as you wait for the LA to arrange the fitting. A rental stairlift can be a low-cost and satisfactory interim option allowing you to return to the comfort and familiarity of your own home as soon as possible as you wait for the LA stairlift to arrive.

Try before you buy

If you’ve been thinking about buying a stairlift for a while, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the plunge, renting a stairlift can give you the chance to give one a whirl before making a long-term commitment. Stairlift rental allows you to see how much of a difference a stairlift can make to maintaining your independence in your own home before you decide to buy one.

If you’d like to find out more about stairlift rental speak to the Halton Stairlifts customer service team and arrange a free no obligation home assessment to discuss the range of rental or purchase options available to you and discover which one would best suit your needs.



As the temperature drops many people feel more than the chill, due to cold weather joint pain. For arthritis sufferers, cold weather can spell increased joint stiffness and swelling, and worsening aches and pains, making it hard to get out and about and performing everyday tasks becomes difficult. Finding successful tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather means that the winter season won’t be as daunting and giving people the opportunity to really enjoy the season and the build-up to Christmas. 

Arthritis can be problematic all year round, but living with arthritis in winter months can create extra challenges, especially if the cold weather starts to affect mobility. With icy surfaces aplenty, popping to the shops for a few Christmas essentials or winter warming goodies with reduced range of movement in your joints can be extremely dangerous, and quite often managing these risks means restricting yourself to stay indoors and relying on others for help.

Halton Stairlifts have put together some helpful tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather, so that you can make the most of winter pain-free and as independent as possible,

Why does arthritis hurt in cold weather?

There’s no hard evidence to suggest that there is a medical reason behind increased sensations of pain as the temperature starts to go down. But, with anecdotal reports suggesting that grandparents can predict the weather based on how their knees are feeling, there is likely to be some substance to a couple of theories. The link between barometric pressure and arthritis is often investigated as the reason why some people with osteoarthritis experience heightened sensitivity to the weather. Also, it’s suggested that when the cold comes in it can affect blood circulation and increases muscular spasms, contributing to feelings of worsening aches throughout the body.

Tips for Relieving Arthritis Pain in Cold Weather.

If you’re wondering how do you get rid of body aches in the winter? Give our easy tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather a try.

Warm Up

It may seem obvious but keeping your limbs and joints warm can go a long way to relieving arthritis symptoms. Add extra layers of loose clothing. Turn up the thermostat a little. Take warm baths and showers. Use every opportunity to keep the warmth in your muscles and the cold out.

Speak to your Doctor

If your arthritis is self-managed or relatively problem-free over the year, booking an appointment to see your Doctor might not be your first thought. Your GP is able to give you advice on managing your symptoms and may be able to prescribe more effective anti-inflammatory medication than that available over the counter.

Drink Up

You wouldn’t run your car engine without adding oil to lubricate all the parts. And your body isn’t any different. Increasing your fluid intake will keep you hydrated and keep your joints nicely lubricated, limiting wear and tear and preventing the onset of pain.

Stay Active

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s more tempting to stay at home and cuddle up on the couch with an old movie or a good book. But this seasonal inactivity might not be actually doing your joints any good, ultimately adding to muscle and joint soreness and swelling. Where possible, keep moving with housework, regular stretching, or a home workout.

Fish Oil

Take your supplements. Fish oil supplements are widely believed to help reduce inflammation of the joints and connective tissue around them, improving your mobility and relieving you of wintery aches.

Holistic Treatments

If the aches in your body leave you feeling awful, why not treat yourself to a pampering treatment. Indulge in a relaxing, gentle massage to release muscle tension and allow your body to soak up anti-inflammatory essential oils. Or, perhaps a little less relaxing, try an effective acupuncture session to target specific areas of pain by inserting tiny needles into pressure points with many people reporting instant relief from aches.

Finding tips for relieving arthritis pain that work for you may prove to be hard work, as arthritis and cold weather can affect people differently. If you’re in between treatments or are struggling to find relief, Halton Stairlifts can help at those times when your mobility is more of a problem and you’re finding the stairs a bigger challenge than usual. Contact our friendly customer services team for a free no obligation quote on a new or reconditioned stairlift, or ask about our rental options if you only need assistance getting up the stairs over a temporary period.  




Halton Stairlifts are synonymous with high-quality service, and in just over six years, the team at Halton Stairlifts are now considered to be one of the best stairlift companies in the UK.  During this time we’ve faced challenges, experienced changes, and have taken opportunities to build our brand and establish our presence as a leading independent stairlift retailer.
Here we share how it all began…


With a wealth of stairlift installation and servicing experience behind them, stairlift technicians Neil McKenzie and Jon Williams, and accounts and HR executive Kate McKenzie decided to take a change of direction in their careers. In 2012, putting their management skills and industry knowledge to good use, the trio took their first brave steps by starting a family-run stairlift business of their very own…in a garden shed in the heart of the North West.
From humble beginnings, the three directors sourced reliable stairlift manufacturers and built strong relationships with suppliers, specialising in selling, installing, and repairing the highest quality straight and curved stairlifts. But, it was their growing reputation surrounding their expertise and their outstanding quality of service that soon began to set them apart from the competition.


The confines of a small garden shed struggled to contain the rapidly growing fledgling business, and the three entrepreneurs quickly made the move to a larger industrial estate unit in Widnes.

Combining local knowledge with the motto ‘The Company That Cares How You Get Upstairs’, Halton Stairlifts were able to offer customers more for their money, using their insights to tailor services that truly met the needs of the local population and the wider surrounding areas.

The move to a new premises led to the addition of more stairlift engineers and installers and the acquisition of specialist vehicles,  firmly establishing the Halton Stairlifts business as ‘one to watch’ in the North West region…

…and all this without the need to manufacture their own stairlifts.


By 2017, Halton Stairlifts had achieved even further growth which led to increasing the scale of operations nationwide. Choosing Liverpool as the home for their new headquarters, the team got to work renovating and refurbishing a huge retail unit to create a specialist showroom to showcase their best stairlifts.   Halton Stairlifts attribute their growth to remaining responsive to customer needs, offering an ever-expanding range of services without ever compromising on quality. With the new promise of ‘Helping You Stay Independent In Your Home‘, Halton Stairlifts continue to provide accessible options to help you access your home, from next day installation to 0% finance available.

Committed to helping you save money, Halton Stairlifts have also introduced a rental scheme for short-term stairlift loans, and a recommend a friend scheme to reward our existing customers. And, as well as looking after our customers, we honour our responsibility to the environment by reconditioning and reusing unwanted stairlifts, keeping costs to you to a minimum and preventing unnecessary waste.

Halton Stairlifts are always developing their range of services by enhancing the showroom, recruiting new members to the dedicated engineering and back office teams, and expanding their growing fleet of vehicles. Our customers are at the centre of every decision we make.


If you’re considering buying or renting a new or reconditioned stairlift, speak to the expert team at one of the best stairlift companies in the UK for advice. Halton Stairlifts offer a no-obligation at home consultation recommending only the best options for you, without the hard sell.


Outdoor stairlifts aren’t as commonplace as their indoor counterparts, but when you think about the possibilities they can open up for people with reduced mobility you can start to see why they’re becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners and carers throughout the UK.

OUTDOOR STAIRLIFTS - Halton Stairlifts blog post 2You’re probably already aware that indoor stairlifts are the convenient and hassle-free way to reach the upper floor of your home, taking the struggle and strain out of climbing the stairs when you’re less mobile than you used to be. But, it’s the Outdoor Stairlifts from Halton Stairlifts that are proving to be the real gamechanger for individuals and families across the north west of England.


When staying in your own home is the most important thing, an internal stairlift is a great solution for maintaining your independence and ensuring you continue to enjoy your own home comforts.  But, for many individuals with reduced mobility, this can mean feeling limited to stay within just the interior of your property, especially if you need to use stairs or steps to reach your own front door or garden.

Giving you an all-access pass to the gardens, patios, and pathways around your home, an outdoor stairlift extends your living space so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round (just make sure you wrap up warm in Winter).

OUTDOOR STAIRLIFTS - Halton Stairlifts blog post 3


An external stairlift also helps to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Accessing the outside allows gardeners to return to a beloved pastime, or nature lovers to get closer to the trees, plants, and wildlife they enjoy. For younger stairlift users, and outdoor stairlift can be the opportunity to join siblings or friends in a game of catch (without mum worrying about any lamps being knocked over indoors).

And, when the weather turns wintery and steps become icy, an outdoor stairlift can help to reduce the risk of slipping on stairs, offering some extra peace of mind.

For days out with the family, an outdoor stairlift can make accessing transport even easier, without putting additional pressure on family members to carry or lift for themselves. And, making light work of a shopping trip, a remote control feature means that bags can be transferred upstairs without difficulty, just make sure there’s a helping hand at the top of the stairs to unload your shopping spree.


OUTDOOR STAIRLIFTS - Halton Stairlifts blog post 1

Each outdoor stairlift from Halton Stairlifts comes with a swivel seat, helping you to make a smooth transition from sitting to standing, and vice versa, with each use. Designed to fold-away neatly, the slimline design won’t cause an obstruction to visitors to your home either. And, each unit is extremely durable, built to withstand the elements and whatever the Great British weather can throw at it. They’re able to tolerate temperature extremes and stay operational during a downpour, and we even throw in a waterproof cover to keep the seat dry, clean and ready for its next journey. Plus, battery backup ensures your stairlift will keep running even in a powercut.

Whether you need help getting up just a few steps or a need to climb a full flight of stairs, there’s likely to be an external stairlift for you. Speak to our friendly team of stairlift engineers who will be able to answer all of your questions about outdoor stairlifts. Call us on 0800 644 7766 to find out more about outdoor stairlift prices or to book an appointment for a stairlift ‘test-drive’ in the Halton Stairlifts Speke showroom in Merseyside.



Supporting the local community and promoting an active lifestyle has always been important to the team at Halton Stairlifts. So, we’re delighted to announce that we are proud sponsors of Litherland REMYCA FC Development Team for the next two years.

The Liverpool football club, who play at Litherland Sports Park, are currently members of the Hallmark Security North West Counties League Premier Division and are shaping up to be in fine form for the season ahead. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off their new sponsors in all their glory.

HALTON STAIRLIFT - Sponsors of Litherland REMYCA FC Development Team

The Halton Stairlifts branding features in a prominent position across the chest of the latest kit as the team prepare for home and away games across the north-west, including Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and northern Staffordshire.

Managing Director Neil McKenzie said ‘The Halton Stairlifts team have grown up in Merseyside and the surrounding areas, and with our showroom being in Speke we’ve got really strong ties to the area. We felt it was time to show our appreciation for the support of the local community by giving something back. As main sponsors of Litherland REMYCA FC Development Team, we hope that its members and players can enjoy the benefits of being in a football league. The club shares our values of quality and excellence, whilst setting a good example for the rest of the community by promoting physical and mental wellbeing, making us the perfect pairing for the season ahead.’

Halton Stairlifts will be supporting the Litherland lads through every fixture and are wishing the development team the very best of luck as they go from strength to strength during the season.   You can find out more about how you can show your support for Litherland REMYCA football club here or find out more about the range of products and services available with Halton Stairlifts and what we do here.



The North West is home to some of the most vibrant cities in the UK, but it’s Liverpool that holds a special place in the heart of the Halton Stairlifts team. Our state of the art Halton Stairlifts showroom is based in Speke, Merseyside, so for anyone travelling to try out our stairlift models, we thought we’d share some of the disabled friendly tourist attractions in Liverpool, right on our doorstep, so you can really make the most of your trip.

Famous for music, football and its maritime history, the port of Liverpool has long been a tourist favourite, and we’ve picked out some of the most tried and tested, longstanding tourist destinations that Liverpool has to offer for you. Find out more about their accessibility and disabled facilities to help you to plan your visit:





The red-bricked warehouses that seem to emerge from the River Mersey, underwent major renovations in the 1980s and it soon became one of the must-visit locations in Liverpool. Home to fantastic restaurants, independent retailers and gift shops, the Tate Art Gallery, the Maritime Museum, and in close proximity to the Three Graces, you could while away the hours immersed in the culture and fine dining, with access to convenient facilities.  It’s worth noting that some of the pedestrian areas are cobbled walkways, which could present difficulty to wheelchair users or those who have mobility problems.


After deciding that one cathedral just wasn’t enough, Liverpool got to work on a second. Instantly recognisable within the Liverpool skyline, the two iconic structures are connected by Hope Street, with the proud wigwam shaped Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King standing at one end and the grand brownstone Liverpool Cathedral at the other. Take in these magnificent structures from a distance and marvel at their size and architectural detail, or take a closer look and discover the stunning interiors. Both cathedrals offer good access for wheelchair users and have bathrooms and other facilities to enhance the experience for disabled visitors.  You can find out more about accessibility options for each cathedral here: Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and Liverpool Cathedral.


A visit to this wondrous city wouldn’t be complete without seeing some evidence of the four lads from Liverpool who went on to become the biggest musicians of the 20th century. From the world famous Cavern club and the Hard Day’s Night hotel to Penny Lane and the port of Liverpool statues, Liverpool has tributes and landmarks associated with The Beatles in locations scattered all over the city. The Beatles Story, however, is the perfect one-stop location to see the rise of the Fab Four and hear their music, all indoors and undercover. Catering to fans of all ages and abilities, the Royal Albert Dock attraction features multiple facilities and modifications to improve its accessibility, making that trip down memory lane even more enjoyable.


Made famous by the Gerry and Pacemakers song, the Ferry ‘cross The Mersey continues to run daily and offers a great variety of accessible features. Mersey Ferries are a fantastic way to view the Liverpool skyline and visit the attractions of our neighbours across the water on the Wirral peninsula. For the more energetic and adventurous, take a nautical trip to Seacombe where you’ll find pedestrianised single level walkways all along the waterfront, perfect for wheelchair users (ok, the title should be ‘disabled friendly tourist attractions in Liverpool and the Wirral’). Grab an ice-cream or a quick meal at New Brighton before heading back to the Ferry terminal and sailing back to Liverpool.


Liverpool plays host to world-famous museums from the Maritime Museum to The World Museum, but as a visitor to the looking to sample some real Scouse history, the Museum of Liverpool is a must see. With outstanding attention to detail, the museum aims to make its exhibits as accessible as possible from braille descriptions to guided tours for those living with dementia.  You can find out what makes the museum one of the most disabled friendly tourist attractions in Liverpool here.

If you’re in the Liverpool area or are planning to make a special visit to Merseyside, book an appointment for the showroom at Halton Stairlifts in advance by calling 0800 644 7766. With help from our experienced team, you can try a stairlift for yourself on-site and choose from an outstanding selection of new and reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts to suit the needs of your home.

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