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UPDATE | 12th June 2020 |  To date, Halton Stairlifts have had no incidents related to coronavirus.
To help monitor employee health, we’ve introduced a computerised verbal risk assessment for all staff members that are entering a customer’s home. This is completed with every staff member, from the initial appointment through to the site visit, and managers are alerted in real-time of any failed risk assessments.
We also have a good stock of all the necessary PPE required to carry out installations safely.
We have never closed during the lockdown, which has meant we’ve helped new and existing customers as well as maintaining our 24hr call out service.

UPDATE | 24th March 2020 | The UK is now under official lockdown measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Because of this the team at Halton Stairlifts are no longer carrying out face to face sales. However, during this time, it is especially important that people staying at home can also stay mobile and independent.

For the time being, during the lockdown Halton Stairlifts will be:

  • Taking stairlift orders over the phone
  • Attending breakdowns
  • Working through our installation backlog as quickly as we can

Ways you can buy a stairlift from Halton Stairlifts

  • Contact us by telephone on 0800 644 7766.  This way we can give you a quotation to supply you with the right lift.
  • Use our stairlift measuring guide. This will provide us with helpful information to give you an accurate quotation.

Government Advice on Shielding

The government have also updated their guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. You will be notified by a letter from the NHS if you are considered part of a high-risk group. Shielding measures include:

  • Not leaving your home at all for a period of at least 12 weeks from the date you receive your letter
  • Not allowing visitors to your home unless it is necessary for your health and wellbeing
  • Avoiding face-to-face contact with people from outside your home. This doesn’t include essential carers, who will observe strict hygiene protocols
  • Avoiding close contact with people you live with and who are still going out.  Make sure both you and they follow all hygiene advice, such as washing hands regularly and thoroughly
  • If possible, spend most of your time in part of your home away from others.  Use separate bathroom facilities where possible.
  • Stay in touch with the outside world remotely using the telephone or internet
  • Shop online or ask others to do it for you. Arrange for deliveries to be left on your doorstep
  • Keep watching/listening to news bulletins for the latest coronavirus news and advice
  • If you experience any symptoms of coronavirus, such as a high temperature or new continuous cough, call NHS 111 or use the NHS 111 online service without delay for clinical advice.


UPDATE | Following the government announcement on the 20th March 2020, Halton Stairlifts will continue to provide our services to the UK public. 

Our employees are categorised as ‘working as part of the health and social care supply chain’. This means we’ll still be on hand to help when you need us most. We’re committed to supporting the NHS as much as possible, and will do all we can to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions at this time.

Our staff will also be allowed to ensure their children remain in school during this time, so they’re free to continue their important work.

Please note, we will still be strictly enforcing and adhering to the hygiene and infection control measures outlined below. Our pricing also remains unchanged, and you can expect the same great value quotes we’re known for when you give us a call. 


The COVID-19 coronavirus is a big cause for concern for many people in the UK and across the world. And as a stairlift company, we provide services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. With this in mind, we’re doing all we can to try and limit the spread of the infection.  That’s why we’re taking extra precautions through our coronavirus policy. Because it’s business as usual for us, it’s really important that we keep our customers and employees as safe as we can.

What is a Coronavirus Policy for?

We’ve introduced our new coronavirus policy to offer as much protection as we can to our staff and customers at this stage. The policy outlines the infection control measures we are taking as a company. These measures should help to reduce the risk of infection when we come into contact with clients and each other.

What Does our Coronavirus Policy ask our Employees to do?

When visiting the home of a customer, we’ve asked our employees to do the following:

  • Wash their hands frequently. This includes using the preferred handwashing technique on arrival and before leaving a property, as outlined in the BHTA guide for good hand hygiene practice.
  • Use hand sanitiser frequently and carry it with them at all times.
  • Use disinfecting wipes frequently on high touch items, including but not limited to:
    • Phones
    • Computers
    • Equipment
    • Vehicle touchpoints (handles, steering wheel, radio dials, etc)

We may also consider postponing any non-urgent visits and can rearrange any visits if you would prefer not to receive us at this time.

Are Halton Stairlifts Taking any other Precautions?

As well as performing infection control procedures when visiting homes, we’re also instructing stricter hygiene measures in our UK offices and other company locations. In addition to following handwashing guidance, we are:

  • Asking all employees and visitors to enter through one main entrance on our offices and sites.
  • Ensuring handwashing posters are visible in all of our premises
  • Ensuring that everyone washes their hands with soap and water (preferred) as they enter and leave the building/site. We are also promoting the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers as a secondary alternative.
  • Increasing how often we wipe workplace handles, rails, equipment, etc with alcohol-based sanitary products to try to keep surfaces as clean as possible.
  • Increasing the level of deep cleaning carried out by cleaning suppliers.
  • Avoiding unnecessary meetings with suppliers and representatives
  • Refraining from shaking hands and all forms of direct contact where necessary
  • Avoiding using couriers pens or digital pens to sign for deliveries

We are also closely monitoring the health of our staff and visitors to our locations as part of our coronavirus policy. Anyone feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of high temperature or a new cough will be asked to stay away from our offices and sites and self-isolate at home.

What Can Our Customers Do to Help?

As a Halton Stairlifts customer, you can help by:

  • Shopping online where possible to limit the amount of direct contact
  • Using online payments or contactless payment to avoid exchanging and touching cash.

We may contact you before a visit to check you are symptom-free.

Where Can I Find Out More About Coronavirus COVID-19?

The NHS has produced a guide on the best way to wash your hands and is providing up to date health advice on coronavirus COVID-19.

You can also find out more information on regarding the latest UK government response to developments in managing the virus.

If you have any further questions in relation to our coronavirus policy, ordering a stairlift, or you have a query about your stairlift delivery and installation please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 644 7766 or request a callback