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As one of the most anticipated days of the year, Christmas is the perfect time for bringing the whole family together. But how do you entertain your family at Christmas? At this time of year, everyone from the in-laws to the grandkids drops by. And when you’re hosting a wide range of age groups, it can be hard to find activities that everyone can join in with.


So, How Do You Entertain Your Family At Christmas?


In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve put together a few ideas that will hopefully spark lots of fun. And each activity should mean minimal fuss and no need to break the bank.


Board games


We’ve all got memories attached to board game classics, and Monopoly is no exception. Well known board games like this can bring hours of fun (and reveal everyone’s secret competitive side in the process.) Try raising the stakes by playing for a prize, or maybe gamble over who has to do the washing up after Christmas dinner!


Traditional games


Charades is a great timeless classic because not only does it get everyone involved, you can customize it, change the difficulty levels, and swap about popular references that even grandad will be able to guess!

If all hands on deck if your preferred style of game, then Jenga is a great go-to when it comes to firm family favourites. Take your time and enjoy a game over a long drink, or compete against the clock to spice things up. All ages can play and you might be surprised how invested you get once you start!




Want a gentle brainteaser while waiting for the Queen’s speech? Jigsaws are a great all-rounder activity. They can also be the perfect gift idea for a family member. Make them as easy or as difficult as you dare by scaling up or down in size. They’re a great relaxing way to wind down after indulging in a bit too much Christmas pud too!


Modern games and apps


Ever tried Obama Lama? This guessing game complete with clues and card cues can be bought from most book or toy stores on the high street. It’s a hilariously playful charades game. Players compete to ‘find the rhyme in time’ in under 30 seconds and is sure to have everyone giggling.

If apps are more your thing, then another fun one for livening the mood is Heads up.
To play Heads Up, simply download the app. The word in question pops up on your phone or device. And players gets 60 seconds to guess as many of the words as possible based on the clues given to them by other participants.

The fact that these are both quick-fire games means they’re fast and easy – so even gran will be able to join in the fun!

As well as knowing the answer to the question ‘how do you entertain your family at Christmas?’, you’ll want to make sure they’re comfortable too. If you have any overnight guests at Christmas, then making your home accessible and safe will be a priority. Temporary stairlift rental can be the perfect solution for older guests who are travelling from afar to stay with you over the festive break, particularly if they struggle with approaching different floors or tackling stairs.

Thinking about investing in a safe, convenient and elegant stairlift in your home permanently? Then buying a stairlift can allow you to enjoy your home again, without the worry of dealing with the stairs.

Make sure the whole family is there this Christmas with our stairlift rental option. Or if you’re ready to discuss having your stairlift installed, call the friendly team at Halton for a completely free, no-obligation home quote. Alternatively, arrange a free home assessment. Or find out more about our Christmas Stairlift Delivery and installation. Call now to book.