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Due to a growing climate crisis, people all over the world are becoming much more environmentally conscious when making new purchases these days. With that said, you might be on the lookout for eco-friendly stairlift options when choosing yours. So, how can stairlifts help the environment? From buying reconditioned, to how you run your stairlift – there’s lots of practical tips you can take. If you’ve ever wondered if buying or using a stairlift can be eco-friendly, with minimum environmental impact, then read on.

Reconditioned stairlifts

Are you looking for stairlifts that help the environment? When purchasing a stairlift for the first time, it’s wise to want a model that’s not only cost-effective, but good for the environment, too. If you’re seeking a stairlift model that doesn’t harm the environment, then purchasing a reconditioned stairlift is the way to go.

As consumers, we’re all often drawn towards a cycle of buying brand new items and throwing out what’s considered ‘old’ – rather than selling or re-using it. But there is  simple solution. Buying secondhand goods eliminates the issue of this type of wastage. Myths surrounding reconditioned stairlifts can cause people to believe that buying secondhand models mean they are worn out or lower quality, but this isn’t the case. Using a reconditioned stairlift comes with lots of benefits. They’re designed to be highly durable, and their parts are repurposed to work like brand new. They’re also much more economical than buying a brand new model outright.

Stairlift removal

Recycling a stairlift isn’t just a great way to dispose of equipment that you no longer need. It’s also the most eco-friendly way to remove your stairlift. Many unwanted stairlifts have been found by authorities on fly-tipping sites. Not only is this illegal, but it hugely impacts an increasing landfill problem.
If you’re moving home, or simply decide you no longer need your stairlift, it’s best to speak to a professional about getting it uninstalled. When you get your stairlift removed by a reputable company, you’re safe in the knowledge that it’s getting moved safely, while also being sent to an appropriate plant disposal. This means that any functioning parts will be recycled, that might otherwise have gone to landfill.

Stairlift usage

Stairlifts are economical in terms of energy usage. Advancements in efficiency standards (combined with the technology behind power-saving devices) means that modern stairlifts are as energy efficient as ever. All Halton Stairlifts are also battery-powered, meaning they require less electricity to run than you might think!

By making the right choice for your needs, a quality stairlift can last a lifetime. As an independent stairlift provider, at Halton Stairlifts we’re passionate about helping you find your perfect fit – without it ever having to cost the earth! With Halton it’s possible to have a comfortable and modern stairlift fitted in your home within only a few days, so you can help the environment, with no need to compromise on quality. Call our friendly team today on 0800 644 7766 for a free quotation, without obligation.