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Whether it’s due to an obstruction impairing your vision, or mobility problems affecting your stability and balance, trips and falls can happen. And the truth is that our risk of falling over increases as we age. However, living in fear is bad for both mental and physical health. We all deserve to feel safe and comfortable in our homes, and there are ways to build back confidence after a slip, a trip, or a fall. If you or someone you know is feeling unconfident on their feet, read on to find out more.

Avoid unrealistic comparisons

Experiencing a fall can not only have a physical effect on a person, but can impact them emotionally, too. So it’s only natural that it may take time and patience to build up confidence again. It’s important not to compare yourself to others though as this can be detrimental not only to progress, but to self-confidence aswell. Aim to be positive about where you’re at in your journey. Everyone has different strengths and limitations, and it can help recovery to focus on what is possible and manageable, rather than wasting time on what isn’t in our grasp.

Set realistic goals

When we’re afraid of tripping or falling, we tend to limit our physical activity altogether. But in the long term this just isn’t a practical solution, and can actually worsen problems by causing loss of muscle strength, endurance and mobility. Keep motivated by setting achievable, realistic goals. Something small and practicable is a great place to start as it can be built upon over time. Ideas for small goals could include things like:

  • ‘I will use handrails or a stick until I feel steady enough without them’
  • ‘I want to walk up x amount of stairs in 2 weeks time, unaided’
  • ‘I will aim to walk a circle around the whole garden on my own in 5 weeks’

Invest in a stairlift

A safer environment can make us feel more confident and relaxed when moving around. This is why having a stairlift installed can be integral to helping a person build back confidence after a fall or slip. The autonomy and sense of safety a stairlift gives can help someone feel empowered and more in control of their day as they navigate around their home.

If you’re concerned about getting around the house on your own, then installing a stairlift can bring peace of mind. Whether you’d like to arrange a home survey, or are in need of some friendly, impartial advice, the team at Halton are on hand to talk you through every step. Call 0800 644 7766 to book a home visit with one of our experienced surveyors or to find out more about any of our straight or curved stairlifts.