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As we get older, our health and mobility can start to decline. With that said, it’s common for younger family members to spend more time with older relatives like parents and grandparents as they become less independent, and in some cases you may decide to live together.

If you’re welcoming an elderly relative into your home this year, we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare your home so that everyone is happy and comfortable, no matter what their level of mobility may be. Read on to find out more.

Make them comfortable

Whether they’re just visiting for the holidays, or you’re preparing for a big move in, making sure they’re comfortable is the most important thing. But in reality, what’s comfortable for you, may not be for someone dealing with specific mobility issues. Your squishy sofa might suit the children, however, for someone with back issues or compromised mobility, sitting in this for long periods of time could cause pain and discomfort. For older relatives, remember to provide chairs and seating with plenty of extra back support. Similarly for mattresses – depending on a person’s health condition, a firmer mattress or memory foam mattress may be needed.

Make your home accessible

Everyone tends to be together around the Christmas holidays. But there may well be times when you’re not always around to offer support for someone who isn’t quick on their feet. Bear this in mind when considering your living arrangements for older relatives and think about the potential need for handrails to be installed on stairs and in bathrooms for balance and safety. If the person in question doesn’t feel safe tackling steps or stairs on their own, then an indoor or outdoor stairlift or lift is a safe and practical solution.

Think long term

When you’re accommodating your home for elderly parents or relatives, it’s important to not just think about immediate convenience. Their levels of mobility may well fluctuate over time as their health needs change. So, be sure to plan for both the near and distant future as you all adjust to new living arrangements. For example, they may be perfectly capable of climbing the stairs independently right now, but a change in mobility could mean its time to consider alternative arrangements, such as having a ground floor bathroom made accessible, or installing a stairlift so the home can be opened up to them fully.

If climbing the stairs is becoming increasingly difficult for you or a loved one during the holidays or beyond, Halton Stairlifts can help. Speak to us for extra support with getting around your home by calling 0800 644 7766.  Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your stairlift installation options, or to arrange your free no obligation home assessment today.