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When you live with a chronic condition or disability, dealing with the ups and downs of fluctuating symptoms can be tiresome. Having a condition that affects everyday movement and mobility can come with its challenges. So with that in mind, we’ve put together our pick of the best and most helpful apps that you might not already have heard of. While everyone’s abilities and limitations are different, the following apps are specifically designed to make life that little bit easier for people living with disabilities and conditions that affect mobility. Read on to find out more.

Be my eyes

The be my eyes app is designed to assist people with low or impaired vision to live more independent lives. The app connects blind or visually impaired users to volunteers via a live video stream. Once connected, users can use the app for anything they need help with on the spot. This can include things like reading labels, finding lost or dropped items, or general assistance when out and about shopping. A clever and endlessly useful app to have!


From cafes and cinemas, to libraries and swimming pools, Wheelmap lets you find and rate wheelchair-accessible places all over the world. Using a simple traffic light system, you can view places on the map, and instantly see whether or not they are accessible before you get there. A helpful tool if you’re visiting a new city or neighbourhood.


There’s nothing worse than being caught short when you’re on the move. The Wheelmate app allows users to easily find wheelchair-friendly amenities when you’re out and about, like toilets and parking spots. Best of all it’s completely free to download.

Access Now

When Google Maps just isn’t cutting it in terms of giving you accessibility information, this app comes to the rescue. Using an interactive map, the app gives information about all sorts of venues in your area, letting you know instantly how accessible they are. View locations like restaurants and attractions to see whether they are fully, partially, or non-accessible before you visit. You can also rate locations, to help other users of the app.

Are you concerned about a relative, friend, or loved one with a chronic or mobility-limiting condition getting around the house on their own? If so, then installing a stairlift in the home might be the right choice for you. Call the team at Halton Stairlifts on 0800 644 7766 to book a free home visit with one of our experienced surveyors, or to find out more about any of our straight or curved stairlifts.