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Let’s face it, Winter months in the UK can have a huge effect on our mood. Throw in another National lockdown and cabin fever can easily strike. It’s only natural that the combination of cold weather and dark nights don’t always have us feeling our best, but there are plenty of things we can be doing to help boost our mood, and keep us feeling brighter while Spring is on its way. For useful tips for dealing with low mood and depression this Winter, read on.

Talk it out

It’s easy to become isolated when we’re not feeling on top form. To help beat the blues, schedule in a regular chat over the phone with a friend, neighbour, or family member. Choose a time that works for you all and try to stick to that same time each week (or however regularly you have the call.) You’ll be surprised how just sharing your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with each other can improve your mood.

Keep busy

Plenty of people have taken up new hobbies this Winter. Whether it’s puzzles and sudoku, cross-stitching, gardening, or maybe even fitness – taking on fun new challenges have a proven track record of improving our individual sense of wellbeing. Not only do hobbies and interests break up the day, but they can also stave off low mood. They help to encourage a sense of routine, which is an important factor in improving our mental health – particularly when we’re less active than usual.

Don’t keep it to yourself

It’s cliché to say a problem shared is a problem halved, but there’s a reason this phrase has stood the test of time – it’s true! If you or someone you know is experiencing loneliness or feeling overwhelmed there are some brilliant organizations that can help. No-one needs to suffer in silence when they’re experiencing low mood, and there are plenty of volunteers and professionals waiting to lend an ear.

MindEd offers safe and reliable online mental health advice for older people in the UK.

Age UK offer a free, confidential phone advice service for older people, their families, friends, carers and professionals.

We’re all spending more time at home this year. For more tips on how to feel brighter this Winter, read our ‘how to beat the Winter blues’ blog, here.

Remember though, if you’re feeling down consistently, this isn’t a natural part of ageing. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re not feeling as well as you should be. If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of depression, anxiety, or any other condition, contact your GP for professional advice.

If you’re looking for ways to feel more comfortable in your home this Winter, you or your loved one may be considering investing in a stairlift. Call Halton on 0800 644 7766 for a no obligation quote, or to find out more about Halton Stairlifts installation options.