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Hundreds of thousands of people are stairlift users in the UK alone, but despite their commonness, there are things people don’t often tell you before pricing up or purchasing a stairlift. With that in mind, we’re revealing the 3 biggest need-to-know stairlift secrets. Read on to find out more.


1. Not all stairlift companies are made equal

Investing in a stairlift can feel a daunting task when you’re not sure where to start, so the last thing you want is to feel any extra pressure to buy. While most stairlift companies are reputable, other sellers have been known to try sales gimmicks and even pressure tactics to get customers to buy with them. But the truth is this – there should never be a hard sell when purchasing your stairlift!

At Halton Stairlifts we offer a no pressure promise to every customer. This means our prices are fixed as low as possible with no hidden fees or costs, and no sales pressure to buy. Once we clearly and simply explain all the options available to you, we’ll then give you a fixed no obligation quote for you to consider in your own time.

2. Stuffy outdated stairlifts are a thing of the past

Be honest, what comes to mind when you think of stairlifts? For many people it’s the idea of an older person in an ugly and outdated chair. But over the decades, stairlift design has come a long way and in actuality, modern stairlifts are designed with the user in mind to suit all kinds of modern decor and new builds.

Whatever you think about stairlifts, if you’re in the market for one it’s always worth seeking advice from a stairlift supplier, as there may be more suitable models that you’re unaware of. For example, some stairlifts are specifically designed to be fitted to narrow stairs or even spiral staircases. While people carrying a little more weight would suit a heavy-duty stairlift rather than a classic model. When buying a stairlift though, the most crucial factor to consider is the needs of the person who is going to be using it.

3. Stairlifts don’t need to break the bank!

A stairlift can be life-changing for someone who’s struggling to get up and down the stairs. So, like most electrical purchases in your home, a stairlift is going to set you back a fair amount of money. But the truth is that a quality stairlift doesn’t need to break the bank. Big brand name stairlifts are well-known and reliable, but depending on your stairlift provider, some companies can expect you to pay over the odds for these for their name alone. Independent stairlift on providers can often offer a much wider range of quality alternative models that are modern and reliable, while also being within a much more reasonable budget. Halton Stairlifts offer:

  • A range of budget stairlifts
  • Reconditioned models
  • Finance/payment plan options

    can be affordable

    At Halton Stairlifts, honest and impartial advice on buying your stairlift is only a phone call away. As an independent company, we can help you choose from a huge range of UK manufactured stairlifts, including new and reconditioned models, too. You can learn more about our full range of brands, here or call us on 0800 644 7766 to arrange your free home assessment.