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Harsh Winter weather can affect our mood, make us less active, and even cause conditions like arthritis to flare up or worsen, especially as we age. But with Spring well on the way, we’re looking towards all the ways we can feel happier in and out of our homes this Spring! Read on to find out more.


Get the happiness hormone!

As the evenings start to get lighter, Spring is a time of seasonal change, hope and renewal. Did you know that something as simple as moderate sunlight exposure can help to boost our mood and alertness throughout the day? Getting enough vitamin D from the Spring and Summer sun increases our body’s levels of serotonin (also known as the happiness hormone). So whether it’s a daily walk or an outdoor hobby like golf, make sure you’re getting your fix of vitamin D from the great outdoors when and where you can.


Get green-fingered

It takes patience, but gardening can be therapeutic. Studies show that spending time around plants and nature can be great for our mental health as it reduces stress, keeps us feeling calmer and happier, and in turn can even reduce our blood pressure.

Apart from getting us out into the fresh air, there are lots of other physical health benefits to gardening, including maintaining motor skills and improving strength. Whether you fancy having a go at growing your own herbs, landscaping the garden, or simply bringing the outdoors in with some plants and florals , there are plenty of ways to embrace greenery in your life. Bringing plants indoors is also healthy for our environment as they release oxygen which freshens up the air and eliminates harmful toxins. Plus, the feel good factor you’ll get from seeing your plants thrive knowing you’ve looked after them is a big mood boosting bonus.


Get involved

Social interactions are a huge factor when it comes to maintaining our mood and happiness levels. Keeping our ties to friends and family and taking part in social activities may even help us to stay sharper as we age. While it’s common for our social networks to shrink as we get older, there are plenty of things we can do to improve the quality of our relationships.

Local events and social clubs are a brilliant way to get started and meet likeminded people. Did you know that organisations like The Cares Family organise monthly local events for members of their community where old and young neighbours come together and spend quality time together? They put on activities like walks, workshops, game nights, pub crawls and more, so there’s something to suit every taste.


Springtime is synonymous with fresh starts. If you’re looking to open up your home again then having mobility aids fitted in your home could the perfect solution. Stairlifts can not only make life easier, but can allow you to keep on doing the things you love, so you can live comfortably and keep being you. Speak to the friendly team at Halton on 0800 644 7766 for your no obligation home quote, or to arrange a free home assessment.