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Getting older has its perks, and there’s lots to look forward to like enjoying retirement and gaining extra downtime to do more of what we love. But it can also come with some pitfalls, like declining mobility.  By using the right technology, you can help to improve an older person’s functional independence as their needs and abilities change. What’s more is that learning how to use the right tech to our advantage can even improve our quality of life. We’ve put together the best top 4 apps for older adults. Read on to find out how these can help the life of you, or an older person you know.

Pill reminder pro

It’s easy to become forgetful when it comes to prescriptions and medication, especially if you’re taking more than one kind. Pill reminder pro is a simple and useful app that’s great for keeping on top of your medication. The user can create schedules for when medication needs to be taken each day across a week, so you or your loved one will know exactly where they’re up to, and never run the risk of forgetting to take their medicine. The app is free to download and use, too.


Audible lets you download and listen to thousands of digital audio books. From self-help, to true crime, to literary classics and tons more; there’s something for everyone. This means you can listen to your favourite book any time, whether you’re on the go, or home alone. It’s also particularly useful for those struggling to read due to poor eyesight. With audio books, you just press play and listen to your favourite stories being dictated to you.


It can be tricky trying to remember passwords, especially when they need to be frequently changed to keep things secure. Using the same password all the time isn’t safe, but how else are we expected to remember them? The Lastpass app stores all of your passwords securely in one place so you can look them up whenever you need to. Very helpful if you’re always forgetting your passwords!


Are you always in the kitchen? Then this might just be the food app you’ve been looking for. Epicurius is a totally free app that makes it easy to find the best recipes from all over the world, in one place. Once downloaded you can watch helpful food videos, save all your favourite recipes, and view ingredients with just a tap of a button.


There are plenty of apps that are ideal for older people, as well as for caregivers, too. These top 4 apps for older people are just a few of the best we’ve picked out. With technology advancing continually, there are new apps being invented all the time that can help enhance our routines and daily life in general.

Are you concerned about an older relative or loved one getting around the house on their own? If so, installing a stairlift might be the right choice for you. Call the team at Halton Stairlifts on 0800 644 7766 or to find out more about any of our straight or curved stairlifts, or to book a free home visit with one of our experienced surveyors.