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If you live in Stoke On Trent or surrounding areas, Halton Stairlifts provides the best lifting device solutions near you. With unrivalled experience working nationwide, we’re committed to every job we perform within your household to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their products.

When you work with us, you will soon realise that we pride ourselves on building close-knit relationships. In an industry that requires detailed specifications – we understand that customising your stairlift solution to fit your requirements is vital for optimal results.

Our expert DBS-checked stairlift engineers are with you throughout the planning and installation. This way, we can best understand your requirements, as every homeowner with mobility issues, injuries, disabilities and older age deserves to travel throughout their house without fault.

There is something for everyone here at Halton Stairlifts and we can’t wait to bring you the freedom you deserve.

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Our Range of Stairlifts in Stoke On Trent

Aligning with all the opposing conditions our customers bring to us, we bring a diverse selection of stairlifts to choose from when diagnosing you with the correct model. Based on your stairlift structure, age/ weight, passageway/ doorway frame, etc., we will consider all the different factors before establishing a stairlift.

We supply the full array, from hinged-rail to straight and curved stairlifts. Day-to-day life will never feel easier once we offer you our professional advice. Not only do we provide brand-new products from top-tier brands around the world, but you can also buy a reconditioned stairlift in Stoke for those with a lower investment budget.


Straight Stairlifts Models

Whether you opt for a new or reconditioned model, you will receive warranties on both (12 months for reconditioned and 24 months for brand-new models) for all stairlifts. Straight stairlifts are our most commonly sold product, as most staircases are directly vertical.

Our engineers are always on hand to complete this uncomplicated job with next-day fitting if you want to act quickly. Since this is the most straightforward installation, we will only need to take a few specifications and before you know it, your straight track system will be expertly fitted.

We take into consideration the paint on your walls, your mobility issues, weight, etc – thus, you can rest assured that you will be moving up and down the stairs with our straight range in no time, with zero issues.


Curved Stairlifts Models

If you have a curved staircase within your home, this is no excuse for our specialists not to fit a perfect stairlift solution. At Halton Stairlifts, no matter how difficult the job is, we want to ensure that everyone is provided with an equal opportunity to move from room to room – obtaining a stairlift today will resolve this issue.

Our curved range offers you an answer to a complex staircase design, as we understand these staircases can often provide people with much more issues than a regular set of stairs. This selection of lifting devices comes in many different styles, sizes and colours to work with not only your mobility issues but your aesthetic preferences too.


Hinged Rail Stairlifts Models

Our hinged rail line has specifications that not all homeowners will have within their households. However, if you have a passageway or doorway that is within 12 inches of your staircase – this range is for you.

If you were to install a typical stair lift in this area by the pathway, it could become a tripping hazard for all users. However, with this line of lifting devices, you can manually lift the hinged rail up and down, meaning it will never be in your way.

With Halton Stairlifts, we provide 100% transparency and with this model, you or someone else will still need to bend down to pull the toggle – after this, the track will complete the rest of the work for you. If this sounds like a model that will suit your home, get in touch with our award-winning team today!


Why Choose Halton Stairlifts in Stoke On Trent?

At Halton Stairlifts, we offer the complete package for obtaining the correct products and services to boot. Our expert advice will assist you in gaining not only a stairlift that fits you and your home’s structure perfectly, but the services we can partner with each model are what make us stand out from the competition.

From skillfully (reconditioned, fitted and installed) Stoke On Trent stairlifts from the best brands around the world to a team who have yielded nationwide understanding for over 15 years – we’re here to give you a stress-free, professional experience.

We have finance options available for all of our products if you’re aged 18 or over and a permanent UK resident. If you have further quandaries, call today at 0800 644 7766 as we’re open 24 hours a day. If you’re ready to purchase a stairlift – head down below to our free quotation, without obligation and attain your new or reconditioned stairlift!

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We provide a first class service to customers in England, Wales and Scotland.

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