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Health matters are an inevitable part of life. Even those of us lucky enough to experience minimal issues find that monitoring our health requires much more attention as we age. Research shows that stairlifts can be helpful when recovering from surgery. Read on to find out more.


Post-op recovery

There are all kinds of illnesses and injuries that have the potential to keep an individual restricted to one floor of the house, and when you’re used to being independent, this change can be hard to get used to. Many of Halton’s customers come to us when they need extra support and assistance getting up and down the stairs in their home following things like leg or knee surgery, hip replacements, or after experiencing issues with their back or spine.

Whether you’ve experienced an illness or injury that led to hospitalization or are dealing with an ongoing condition that restricts your mobility or movement, having the option of a stairlift in your home can bring comfort and peace of mind during important rehabilitation periods.


Long and post-Covid

With any serious condition, the recovery process will look different for every individual. If you’re experiencing a recent hospital discharge, or are recovering from Covid 19 then weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath can often be common side effects. This is where a stairlift can come to the rescue. You may find that using a stairlift to climb steep stairs, even temporarily, can help with the transition back to home life, and can allow whoever’s using it ample time to recover and get back on their feet.

By using a stairlift instead of climbing the stairs of your home multiple times a day, a patient can save up their limited energy and instead use it to do other more enjoyable things. This means their risk of overexerting themselves is significantly reduced.


Long-term or short-term conditions

If you’ve had an illness or injury that’s disrupted your mobility, then a stairlift can help. Apart from providing physical support for a person recovering from illness or surgery, it can also help restore a person’s confidence, make your home safer, and bring peace of mind to the stairlift user’s friends and family. Remember – with sickness or injury, recovery time is never set in stone and can sometimes take longer than first expected.

With this in mind, it’s vital to take things slow and steady, take medical advice seriously, and always prioritize your safety when recovering from an illness, or medical procedure. This way you’ll avoid the risk of any complications and decrease the possibility of another hospital visit.

The truth is, living with health issues whether long-term or temporary is never easy, but there are things you can do to help encourage a safe, happy and more comfortable lifestyle. If you or a loved one has recently been discharged from the hospital, then the installation of a stairlift could help ease the pressure put on the body.

Using a professionally installed stairlift that’s tailored to the needs of the person using it will eliminate the risk of falling or slipping in the home, along with all the worries associated with this, making life just that little bit easier.

At Halton Stairlifts we know that making your home accessible and comfortable is a top priority, so we’re here if you need us. If you’re looking to start your stairlift journey right away, then call us on 0800 644 7766 for a free quote or to arrange your no-obligation home survey.