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The impact that we all have on the environment starts with us, in our homes. With climate issues hot on everyone’s lips at the moment, you might be wondering about different ways we can practice living a more eco-friendly lifestyle as we get older. Read on to find out more.

Buy more seasonal food

These days we can head to a supermarket and buy any type of exotic fruit or veg, any time of year. But did you know that supporting local food producers like your nearest grocer’s is a better way to shop? Not only does it encourage us to only buy things that are in season, but this helps to cut down on food miles and many other costs to the environment.

Use water-saving tools

According to recent studies, the UK has less available water per person than most other European countries. But when it comes to our water usage the little thing add up, and there are plenty of ways we can reduce our water consumption. If the entire adult population of the UK turned off taps when they’re not in use, it’s said to save up to 180 megalitres a day! Consider this next time you’re brushing your teeth.

Water-saving tools are another helpful solution. Try fitting a water-efficient showerhead or a tap aerator. Both are readily available and cheap to buy from DIY shops. They’re designed to reduce the amount of water passing through the tap; a great way to do your bit for the planet, while saving yourself money on your bills in the process!

Ditch single-use plastics

Plastic is all around us, but there’s no need for us to keep using single-use plastics irresponsibly in our everyday life. Start with simple everyday changes like carrying reusable shopping bags, ditching bottled water by using your own flask, and using refillable airtight glass containers to store food and condiments in. You can also easily purchase eco-friendly, zero-waste packaging in bulk online – items like these are an investment in a better future for not only you but your loved ones too.

Choose a reconditioned stairlift

When you purchase a stairlift you have two options: you can buy a brand-new model, or a reconditioned one. Many of us are often drawn towards buying brand new items and throwing out what’s considered ‘old’ – rather than selling or re-using. But buying second-hand is better for the environment as it eliminates unnecessary wastage, without having to compromise on quality. You can find out more about reconditioned stairlifts here.

To find out more about Halton’s wide range of stairlift models, or to arrange a completely free no-obligation home quote, call the friendly team on 0800 644 7766. In the meantime, you can read more about how Halton stairlifts are doing our bit to help the environment here.