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Having full access to your home is important. But that means being able to get around both inside and out. When you think of a stairlift, a classic indoor stairlift is probably what comes to mind. While these are still the most popular, in reality, more and more people are discovering the benefits an outdoor stairlift can bring to their home or property. Read on to find out more.


Why choose an outdoor stairlift?

Having full reign over your whole house doesn’t just extend to indoors. Whether you live in a family home or modern accommodation, in reality very few gardens and outdoor areas are completely flat. This can cause all sorts of accessibility issues if you live with restricted mobility. What’s more is that outdoor slopes and steps can also often be wet, leafy or poorly lit – making them out of bounds and unsafe for most months out of the year.

Having an outdoor stairlift installed doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Even if you have just a few steps or stairs, the ease of an outdoor stairlift can give you full access to your garden, courtyard or outdoor area of your building. From durable designs to waterproof covers, Halton can provide you with an outdoor stairlift that’s perfectly matched to your outdoor area.


Outdoor stairlift options

When shopping for an outdoor stairlift you need one that’s high quality, comfortable and robust enough to stay at its best during all kinds of weather. When choosing your stairlift, think about the actual location of the stairwell and the shape of the stairs – are they straight or do they turn or curve? It’s helpful to factor in if you have a single or double rail too.

The best way to find an outdoor stairlift that is your perfect match is to book a free home assessment. As an independent stairlift provider, our friendly local team at Halton Stairlifts will always provide a completely unbiased recommendation to suit your needs, your space and your budget during your free assessment. You can read more about our no-pressure promise and what to expect from a home assessment here.


The weather is finally starting to warm up here in the UK. If you’re wanting to open up and utilize more parts of your home for Spring and Summer, then you may well be considering an outdoor stairlift. Halton offer a range of sleek, safe and sturdy stairlift options – designed to suit most homes and budgets. To find out how an outdoor stairlift can help you make the most of your day and to arrange your free assessment, speak to a member of our friendly expert team today on on 0800 644 7766.