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Outdoor stairlifts aren’t as commonplace as indoor stairlifts, but you may start to notice them more often. More and more UK homeowners and commercial settings are adding external stairlifts in a bid to improve accessibility to properties. Because they open up more possibilities for people with reduced mobility, you can see why they’re becoming an increasingly popular option.

OUTDOOR STAIRLIFTS - Halton Stairlifts blog post 2You already know that indoor stairlifts are a convenient way to reach the upper floor of your home. Taking the struggle and strain out of climbing the stairs, domestic stairlifts are a fantastic choice when you’re less mobile than you used to be. But, it’s Outdoor Stairlifts from Halton Stairlifts that are proving to be the real gamechanger.  More individuals and families across the north-west of England are enjoying the sense of freedom that an external stairlift brings.




When staying in your own home is the most important thing, an internal stairlift is a great solution for maintaining your independence. While indoor stairlifts ensure you continue to enjoy your own home comforts, they only go so far. That’s why many individuals with reduced mobility can feel limited to the interior of their property. Especially if you need to use stairs or steps to reach your own front door or garden.

An outdoor stairlift gives you an all-access pass to the gardens, patios, and pathways around your home. Extend your living space with an external stairlift, and you can enjoy the outdoors all year round (just make sure you wrap up warm in Winter).

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An external stairlift also helps to boost physical and mental wellbeing. Accessing the outside allows gardeners to return to a beloved pastime. Nature lovers can get closer to the trees, plants, and wildlife they enjoy. For younger stairlift users, an outdoor stairlift can be the opportunity to join siblings or friends in a game of catch (without mum worrying about anything being knocked over indoors).

And, when the weather turns wintery and steps become icy, an outdoor stairlift can help to reduce the risk of slipping on stairs, offering some extra peace of mind.

For days out with the family, an outdoor stairlift can make accessing transport even easier.  There is less need for family members to put themselves under strain by carrying or lifting. And, making light work of a shopping trip, a remote control feature means that bags can be transferred upstairs without difficulty.  Just make sure there’s a helping hand at the top of the stairs to unload your shopping spree.




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Each outdoor stairlift from Halton Stairlifts comes with a swivel seat as standard. Swivel seats help you to make a smooth transition from sitting to standing, and vice versa, with each journey. Designed to fold-away neatly, the slimline design won’t cause an obstruction to visitors to your home either. And, each unit is extremely durable too. Built to withstand the elements, outdoor stairlifts can handle whatever the Great British weather can throw at them. They’re even able to tolerate temperature extremes and stay operational during a downpour. With that in mind, we’ll also give you a waterproof cover. This will help to keep the seat dry, clean and ready for its next journey. And that’s not all, battery backup ensures your stairlift will keep running even in a power cut.

Take a look at our Brooks Outdoor Straight Stairlift the Brooks-SL-OD and get a quick quote on a great external stairlift model. You can buy Brooks Outdoor stairlift online too.


Whether you need help getting up just a few steps or a need to climb a full flight of stairs, there’s likely to be an external stairlift for you. Speak to our friendly team of stairlift engineers who will be able to answer all of your questions about outdoor stairlifts. Call us on 0800 644 7766 to find out more about outdoor stairlift prices. Or book an appointment for a stairlift ‘test-drive’ in the Halton Stairlifts Speke showroom in Merseyside.