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There are many reasons why you should get a stairlift. For example, If you suffer from joint problems, mobility issues or any other medical problems that affect movement, then you will benefit from one. Stairlifts don’t take long to install and the only requirement needed to power your lift is a plug located near the stairlift.

Stairlifts come in a range of shapes and sizes to ensure that they fit seamlessly into your home. Available in a variety of upholstery colours, you can rest assured that the stairlifts will fit into your home’s aesthetic. But do stairlifts use a lot of electricity?

Throughout this blog, we will be exploring stairlift electrical requirements and much more. For more information, read on!


How Much Electricity Does a Stairlift Use?

When purchasing a stairlift, there is a wide range of things you need to consider such as the cost, type of stairlift and amount of electricity the stairlift uses. The amount of electricity a stairlift uses depends on the model and how often the stairlift is used.

A typical stairlift uses between 0.024 and 0.33kwh of electricity per hour. Most stairlifts are designed to be energy efficient by using as little electricity as possible. Overall, you should expect to spend less than £60 per year on electricity.

The stairlifts we offer don’t use a lot of electricity. In fact, a standard stairlift only uses a small amount of electricity, which is equivalent to a small television on standby.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a stairlift but worried about the hidden costs, then you can rest assured as here at Halton Stairlifts, we offer no obligation quotes with no hidden costs so you can


Battery Powered Stairlifts

All of our stairlifts are battery-powered and are automatically recharged when at their charging points. Our stairlifts come with a battery backup in case of a power cut. Therefore you should have enough battery power to make around 10-15 trips until the power returns.

It is important that you never turn off your stairlift as this will drain the batteries and prevent your lift from working. On average, stairlift batteries are said to last around 2-5 years depending on the usage.

Each of our stairlifts plugs directly into your main existing power supply, therefore preventing hassle and mess during installation as no changes are needed to the electrics of your home. The main benefit of a battery-powered stairlift is that even in the event of a power cut, the lift will still work.


Where To Find A Stairlift For Your Home

With so many stairlift companies out there, it can be hard to find the right one for you. Here at Halton Stairlifts, we offer a wide range of stairlifts available for you! We supply a whole host of straight stairlifts to curved, reconditioned and new, we have everything you need in one place.

Stairlifts are an excellent way to get up and down the stairs without having to rely on others to help you. Although many stairlifts look complicated, we can assure you that they are not.

In fact, they are super easy to operate! But, why should you buy from us and what makes us different from other stairlift companies? Read on to find out.


What Makes Us Different?

All of our stairlifts are battery-powered and energy-efficient which allows you to get up and down the stairs even in the event of power failure. Our stairlifts charge whilst in the parking position meaning that you will never run out of charge in the middle of the stairs.

We offer a free quotation, no obligation quote to ensure that you are comfortable with the service at all times. Here at Halton Stairlifts, we provide first-class services to customers throughout England, Wales and Scotland!

Health and safety are important to us which is why our stairlifts are tested in line with comprehensive, strict safety standards. So, you can rest assured that your safety and comfort are our top priority.

All of our stairlifts are installed by highly qualified, DBS-checked engineers and stock high-quality, expertly-made stairlifts from well-known brands.

We are a Checkatrade-approved company that offers a wide range of stairlifts designed to fit seamlessly into your home. Whether you are a mobility scooter user or a wheelchair user, you will benefit from our stairlifts.


Halton Stairlifts

Here at Halton Stairlifts, we offer a wide range of stairlifts from curved to straight, reconditioned and new, we have the ideal stairlift for you! If you own a straight staircase, then our straight stairlifts are the perfect solution for you.

However, if you have a curved stairlift, then you will need to look into our curved stairlift section. This is because you will require custom-made tracks for your staircase. Due to this, our curved stairlifts come at a slightly more expensive price.

Some of the straight stairlifts we offer are:

  • Halton Slimline Stairlifts
  • Reconditioned Halton Slimline stairlift
  • New Halton Slimline Stairlift
  • Halton Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Not only do we provide high-quality straight stairlifts, but we also offer a wide range of curved stairlifts designed for curved staircases. From slimline stairlifts to heavy-duty stairlifts, we can assure you that there is a stair lift suitable for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about the curved stairlifts we offer, make sure to check our curved stairlift section on our website. Here at Halton Stairlifts, we also provide high-quality reconditioned stairlifts that have been pre-loved. Our reconditioned stairlifts are of excellent quality and are a more environmentally friendly option.

For more information about the stairlifts we offer or the stairlift cost, contact us today at 0800 644 7766. Alternatively, you can fill in our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Straight Stairlifts

We offer a wide range of stairlifts suited to your home. If you have mobility issues and feel like you need that extra bit of support when using stairs, then our stairlifts are the solution.


Halton Stairlifts have fitted thousands of new & reconditioned straight & curved stairlifts across the UK, we are proud to show some of our installations and also how it has helped thousands of customers to stay independent in there much loved home.

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recycle your unwanted stairlift with Halton Stairlift