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We stood on our doorsteps and clapped for them during the pandemic – but all too often the essential role played by care care workers is overlooked.

Care workers carry out truly vital work – and society would simply not be able to function properly without them.

It takes real dedication to do the work they do – and so many of them go above and beyond what is expected. So it is fitting that a month should be dedicated to celebrating care workers, as well as raising awareness of what they do and encouraging people to thank them for their work.


What is Good Care Month?

Good Care Month has been taking place in July to turn the spotlight onto our fantastic care workers – and it will hopefully be used as a springboard for the general public to recognise their worth all year round.

With the UK’s ageing population and people of all ages needing additional social care support, most of us will either receive help ourselves or know someone who does. And the need for people to work in the care sector is likely to keep growing.

Good Care Month recognises the amazing contribution care workers make to individuals, families and communities. It also encourages people to consider a career in the care sector and it highlights the types of jobs available.


What do care workers do?

There are many different roles in the care sector, including care workers, personal assistants, cooks, kitchen assistants, housekeeping and office staff. The work carers do allows elderly and vulnerable people to stay safe and to lead fulfilling, and often independent, lives.

Their duties can include cooking, cleaning, and helping with personal care such as washing and dressing. They can also give assistance with a variety of aspects of daily life – including social and physical activities, and helping with mobility.

Care workers can work in a care home, in the homes of individuals or in the community. Similar roles include support workers, shared lives carers and personal assistants.There is no doubt that social carers can change lives – giving the people they work with the chance to keep their independence in their own homes and to live with dignity in residential homes. Their work can be challenging but can also be hugely rewarding.


How did Good Care Month start?

The initiative first came about thanks to the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association ( HCPA) – – which launched the month-long celebration with the aim of raising awareness about care workers and what they do.


Aims of Good Care Month

The HCPA asked care workers to share stories and achievements to raise awareness of what their jobs entailed. It also encouraged activities, such as golf tournaments, pamper days and competitions, which were organised to raise the profile of people working in the sector.

Good Care Month has the aim of encouraging people to think about careers in the care sector by showing them what life as a carer is like and by highlighting the rewards of a career in social care. One of the main aims of Good Care Week is to inspire people to choose a career in the care sector and show them the benefits of doing so. It also shows that care workers deserve our appreciation all year round.


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Image by James Chan from Pixabay