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‘The Get Wise to Buying a Stairlift Guide’ was produced by the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) as an independent guide to buying a stairlift, including choosing your stairlift and understanding stairlift safety requirements.


The BHTA represent almost 500 companies throughout Britain.  Each company agrees to follow and comply with the BHTA Code of Practice, approved by The Chartered Trading Standards Institute. As a BHTA member, Halton Stairlifts operates to higher standards of customer protection and service.


Here we take a look at the BHTA advice on stairlift safety, and things you should out for to ensure you’re buying a reliable and safe stairlift from a reputable stairlift company:



Stairlift Safety Markings and Features



Any UK stairlift should meet European Standard BS EN 80-40, as well as the relevant European CE marking.


European Standard BS EN 80-40 requires a number of safety features:


Delay mechanism


After you push the start control, the lift waits a few seconds before moving off, to make sure you are ready. Your stairlift will use sound a beep to prepare you before it starts, and this means there are no unpleasant surprise movements.


Overspeed governor


Stops the lift going too fast (not more than 0.15m every second). This ensures you can enjoy a safe and smooth ride every time you take a trip on the stairs.


Obstruction sensor


Automatically stops the lift if it touches any obstruction on the stairs. This helps to prevent accidents or damage to your stairlift or belongings.


Lockable On/Off switch


This is particularly useful if children are around. The switch isolates the stairlift so only you can use it. Less opportunity for any ‘unauthorised’ trips.


Flame retardant fabric


All the stairlifts with upholstered seats have flame retardant fabric and plastics for body covers. Safer all round.


Also, through-the-floor lifts should meet British Standard BS5900, which covers the installation and the use of powered home lifts

Halton Stairlifts can talk you through your stairlift safety requirements. Call our expert team today on 0800 644 7766 for an informal chat and a FREE quick quote. You can find out more about stairlift safety features in our ‘are stairlifts safe?’ blog post too.