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Following our recent expansion, Halton Stairlifts have an exciting new announcement for all our customers. As well as becoming Feefo Platinum Award winners, we have also recently become stockists of the Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift. We’re inviting our customers to take a closer look. Read on to find out more.



The Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift is one of our most innovative designs to date. Its specialist design means that it can tackle steeper and tighter stairs, and fits where no other stairlift can. This is fantastic news for anyone in the market for a state-of-the-art curved stairlift. Along with our usual wide range of options, this also means customers are able to choose from new and reconditioned options to suit their needs. If you’re looking for a stairlift with a contemporary style, but still want all the perks of a classic Halton Stairlift, then look no further.

Along with standard traditional features such as a fully adjustable seat, The Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift also benefits from:

Forward and rear-facing travel.

When you have limited mobility, your direction of travel is important. The Ultimate Stairlift can be designed to travel sideways and forward, as well as upwards, so you have complete control at all times.

Standard and heavy-duty options.

This model is the only single tube stairlift on the market that can accommodate a weight of up to 25 stone. Great news if you’re on the hunt for a stylish and reliable heavy-duty stairlift.

Vertical first step start – no need for a hinged rail.

The design of your stairs or hallway will affect the type of rail and stairlift that you require. With the Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift the following rail options are available, so you have control over exactly where your chair is going to be stationed at the top and bottom of your stairs:

  • First step start – this eliminates the need for the stairlift rail to intrude into the hallway and keeps things slick and neat.
  • Standard Start – this is where the rail starts on the landing, before the stairs.
  • Wrap start
  • Overrun finish
  • Standard finish – this is where the rail itself can continue on to the landing

Like all of our most popular and bestselling stairlift models, the Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift offers custom-built quality you can rely on, and is simple to use. At the point of installation, you’ll be given the choice between two types of controls for the stairlift. Both are user-friendly, but you’ll have the option of a joystick or a rocker switch. If you’re left-handed or have limited movement with one arm, you can also opt to have your controls fitted on whichever side suits you best.

Lastly, the Halton Ultimate Curved Stairlift is fully customisable to your exact preferences. This includes our widest range of upholstery colours yet, so your stairlift can fit in with your current décor perfectly.

Are you ready to get started and secure your curved or straight stairlift? Give our friendly Liverpool-based team a call for a free no-obligation quote, or to arrange a free home assessment today. You can also contact us on 0800 644 7766 at any time to request more information or a free brochure.