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Halton Stairlifts is the company ‘who cares how you get upstairs’ and also cares about helping the elderly at Christmas.  Christmas can be overwhelming and exhausting at the best of times for most of us. From Christmas shopping, cooking, visiting family and friends, it can feel like a constant stream of demands and stress in the build-up to Christmas day.

For people with reduced mobility or frailty, it can be even harder. From negotiating busy high streets, finding accessible car park spaces, or experiencing loneliness because it’s just too difficult and risky to leave your home, December can be a challenging month for stairlift users in our community.

So, if you have a relative, friend or neighbour who may need a little extra help, Halton Stairlifts have put together a list of ideas that will let them know you’re thinking of them by helping the elderly at Christmas.

  1. Stock up. Put together a small festive hamper of the essentials that someone might need throughout Winter. If the weather turns snowy and icy, it can be isolating for a lot of frail individuals as a slip and fall could result in injury or hospitalisation. Gather bread, milk, and some mince pies, so that they don’t have to worry about running the risk of hurting themselves if supplies start to run low.
  2. Pay someone a visit. If you have a neighbour, friend, or relative who spends a lot of time at home alone, Christmas can be especially tough. Pop round for a chat, and get the conversation flowing, find out more about them, play card or board games, look through old photographs, or watch a favourite classic movie together.
  3. Fundraise or donate to charity. There are lots of charities that are helping the elderly at Christmas. Age UK is committed to helping older people, particularly around Christmas time, and will benefit from donations to ensure they can continue their work in supporting independence and combatting loneliness. Or, if your new year resolution is to get fit, why not get sponsored for your efforts and use your 5k, 10k or marathon goal to help fundraise for charity.
  4. Find local events. Many communities host Christmas dinners wanting to join in with festivities this Christmas, but are also looking for company to enjoy it with. Organisations like Community Christmas help to connect members of the community with local events. Discover which events are available across Merseyside and Cheshire, and get ready to wear a paper hat and tell cheesy jokes.
  5. Keep it going. Become a volunteer. The Royal Voluntary Service operates year-round, and the Liverpool branch is always on the lookout for volunteers to befriend members of the community who may experience isolation. You could also try Contact the Elderly who always need a helping hand in arranging social events for people in search of friendship and help you to keep the joy going well into the New Year.

At Halton Stairlifts, we provide support and assistance to customers with mobility issues and their families all year round. If you, or someone you know, struggle to access upstairs or needs assistance around the home, contact our expert team for a free consultation to discuss ways to build confidence and improve stair access.

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