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Even when stairlifts are purchased with the best intentions, here at Halton we understand how quickly personal circumstances can change. So, a question we get asked from time to time is: ‘What do I do if I no longer want my stairlift?’ If you’ve got an unwanted stairlift, or need to find a new home for your secondhand stairlift, then read on. We’ve put together a few handy tips to help you understand and explore your options when it comes to removing your unwanted stairlift with minimum fuss.

Here when you need us

As stairlift providers for homes all over the UK, we’ve taken serious steps to becoming a more self-sufficient and sustainable company as much as possible. That’s why at Halton, we purchase your second-hand unwanted stairlifts. Our stairlift removal service also means we can take away your unwanted stairlift quickly, at little to no cost to you.

Save money

Once a stairlift has been used, it’s value will have decreased. But, that’s not to say all is lost when it comes to saying goodbye to your stairlift. Reputable stairlift providers will be able to check if you qualify for a buy-back service. This means at best you can receive money back for your used stairlift, but if not, you’ll still be eligible for professional stairlift removal. This is good news if you’re looking to buy a new stairlift after departing with your old one, as the money received from your old model can help towards the cost of installing a new stairlift. Plus, knowing that parts of your old stairlift will be professionally recycled or reused where possible is a great way to be environmentally responsible.


Don’t DIY

When it no longer serves its intended purpose, it’s natural that you’ll want your stairlift removing from your home as soon as possible, but don’t be tempted to rush the process and dismantle anything yourself. It’s important to understand that not just anyone should attempt to remove a stairlift, due to technical parts that may harm you or damage your home.
Disposing of a stairlift yourself is also a no-no. Unlawful removal and disposal isn’t safe due to the mechanics involved in the stairlift. If your stairlift isn’t disposed of safely and correctly you could risk injury and be fined for fly tipping.

What’s next?

If you’re looking to upgrade your current stairlift, then you might be eligible for a part exchange. Remember – always contact your original stairlift supplier to ask if they’re able to offer you a deal or swap out your used stairlift for a discounted newer model. It’s worth finding out!

Do you have questions about your current stairlift, or need an unwanted stairlift removing, professionally? Call the Halton team today on 0800 6447766 for a no obligation quote, or to find out more about Halton’s installation, removal, and buy-back options.