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When a stairlift is no longer needed, you’ll need to arrange for the stairlift and its track to be removed. You may have inherited a stairlift after a loved one has passed away sadly.  Or perhaps you’ve made a recovery from an injury and can manage the stairs independently again.

Whatever your reason for removing a stairlift, you’ll want to know ‘can a stairlift be reversed?‘. Here we explain a little more about what to do with unwanted stairlifts and who you can contact for help.


What Can I do with An Old Stairlift?


There are a few options for removing an old stairlift, even if your stairlifts isn’t actually that old. But here’s something you should know. Once a stairlift has been fitted, the manufacturer or supplier is under no obligation to buy the stairlift back if it’s no longer required. This is usually outlined in the terms and conditions of sale.  Regardless of the circumstances, this also applies to stair lifts that were installed less than twelve months ago.

A stairlift is made to the measurements of your staircase. This means that the bespoke stairlift rail is unlikely to fit another staircase perfectly, making re-sale difficult and unsafe. So, unfortunately, the value of a used stairlift decreases quickly after installation.


So, What Choices Do I Have for Removing a Stairlift?


You might want to replace your stairlift with a new one. Or maybe you need it removed for a short while. Or you might need it taken away completely. One thing is for sure, we’ll always highly recommend using a professional stairlift removal service. However, it’s important for you to make your own mind up. Here we look at your stairlift removal options and how you could even get a little cash back for yourself.


1. You Could Part Exchange Your Stairlift


If you’re looking to upgrade your current stairlift, then you might be able to arrange a part exchange. Contact your original stairlift supplier and ask them if they would swap your used stairlift for a discounted newer model. You should also check that the stairlift company will uninstall and take away the used lift as part of the deal.  This should help solve the problem of removing your stairlift, as well as saving you money on a new stairlift.


2. Ask About Stairlift Buyback and Removal Services


Some stairlift companies will buy back certain makes and models of stairlifts and will arrange to remove it for you.

Halton Stairlifts offer a stairlift removal service. We can give you a valuation on your stairlift if it meets our buyback criteria. This way you could end up with some extra cash as well as your stairlift removal solved.

Alternatively, we can give you a quote for our removal service fee. If you’re happy to go ahead, we will arrange the removal and correct disposal of your old stairlift at your convenience. We charge a fee to cover our engineers’ time and labour. The more straightforward the removal is the cheaper it will be. For example, standard straight stairlifts may only require one engineer and can be completed in just a couple of hours, whereas curved stairlifts may need an additional engineer and take longer to remove.


3. Trying Selling Your Stairlift Privately


Another option for getting rid of an unwanted stairlift is to sell it second hand on a classified ad site. There are lots of different online selling platforms to choose from, for example, eBay or Gumtree. But selling your stairlift this way can present its own challenges. From organising and monitoring your listing to low priced offers and no-shows, selling your stairlift privately can take a long time and can be very frustrating.

If you do manage to sell your stairlift online, make sure that the buyer removes the stairlift themselves. This is a complicated process so they must have experience of doing so already.


Halton Stairlifts always aim to offer the fairest solution for stairlift removal. We also dispose of unwanted stairlifts in an ethical way, arranging the correct scrapping and recycling processes. If you’d like to get a quote from us for removing your stairlift, call us on 0800 644 7766.