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Straight Stairlifts

We offer a wide range of stairlifts suited to your home. If you have mobility issues and feel like you need that extra bit of support when using stairs, then our stairlifts are the solution.

Curved Stairlifts

We offer many different types of stairlifts here at Halton Stairlifts, from our signature stairlifts to our dual-rail curved stairlifts. We have it all. Explore our range of quality stairlifts today and regain your independence.

Used Stairlifts

We offer a wide range of used stairlifts suited to your home. If you have mobility issues and feel like you need that extra bit of support when using stairs, then our stairlifts are the solution.

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We provide all types of useful information, so that our customers can browse our website and collect the information they require. We are also available on 0800 644 7766 for any questions or free expert impartial advice.

Need any other information please contact us direct on 0800 644 7766

recycle your unwanted stairlift with Halton Stairlift


Halton Stairlifts have fitted thousands of new & reconditioned straight & curved stairlifts across the UK, we are proud to show some of our installations and also how it has helped thousands of customers to stay independent in there much loved home.

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Contact Halton Stairlifts the UK’s leading new & reconditioned fast fit stairlift company, browse our website and find out how we can help you today.

Need any other information please contact us direct on 0800 644 7766

recycle your unwanted stairlift with Halton Stairlift

Stairlifts Norfolk

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Halton Stairlifts has been on a mission to provide quality stairlifts since 2007. We have been successfully making a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Installing a stairlift in your household can improve your confidence and safety.

A stairlift can be a significant investment, but it’s a small addition that can make a world of difference in your life. Based in the UK, we are a reputable stairlift provider. We take great pride in our rigorous quality control processes.

With our committed team of professionals, we are delighted to offer a wide range of stairlifts at Halton Stairlifts. We supply a vast range of brands and model types to suit every staircase and person’s needs.

Our engineers can customise your stairlift tracks, which ensures the most seamless fit to your interior and staircase and means we can fit a stairlift for any home.

The experience that we have means we are well-equipped to advise you when it comes to choosing the right stairlift for your needs and budget.

We are extremely proud to be in the position that we are, as we know that mobility issues can arise at any stage of life. This makes navigating the stairs in your own home a daunting task.

Struggle no more with a quality stairlift from a dedicated and trustworthy stairlift provider, Halton Stairlifts. The years of experience demonstrate the success of our business, and we look forward to helping those of you who reside in and around the area of Norfolk.

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How Halton Stairlifts Can Support You

Halton Stairlifts offers a complimentary and obligation-free quotation service. Our team of experts will personally visit your home to assess your living situation, staircase layout, budget, and specific requirements.

We are dedicated to selecting the ideal stairlift to perfectly suit your staircase’s size and layout, recognising that each staircase is unique.

As a UK-based company, we prioritise the quality of our stairlifts and the excellence of our customer service and engineering. Whether you’re looking to improve your life or the life of a loved one in Norfolk, Halton Stairlifts is here to assist you.

Which Stairlift Should I Choose For My Home?

We provide a diverse range of stairlifts, ensuring we have a home lift solution for everyone. Finding the perfect solution for every customer is what we pride ourselves on.

The options of stairlifts we have on offer include the likes of curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts, hinge-rail, heavy-duty, slimline, outdoor, and stand-and-sit stairlifts.

Whatever your measurements, including your height, weight, and frame, we will match you up with the perfect stairlift type to suit you. Inclusivity is something that we pride ourselves on at Halton Stairlifts. Expect to find the perfect stairlift match with us.

Our skilled engineers possess extensive expertise in crafting tracks that seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of home settings.

We partner with all of the top-quality brands to provide you with the best products in the industry. For those on a tighter budget, we also offer options for used or reconditioned stairlift models, allowing you to reduce the price tag and make a more sustainable choice.


Curved Stairlifts in Norfolk

Curved stairlifts offer a safety-enhancing solution for individuals facing mobility challenges, significantly reducing the risk of falls and potential hazards. A curved staircase can be especially problematic for those with mobility issues if it is not equipped with a stairlift.

Invest today and alleviate the worry and apprehension associated with navigating the stairs, whether for yourself or a family member.


Straight Stairlifts in Norfolk

Straight Stairlifts offer a practical solution for individuals who need assistance navigating straight staircases, providing a smooth and secure ride.

Straight stairlifts are the easiest of all of the stairlift models to install. The swift installation process of straight stairlifts is often completed within just two hours.

At Halton Stairlifts, we always make it a priority to ensure your complete understanding of how to confidently operate your newly installed stair lift before we conclude our visit to your home.


Outdoor Stairlifts Norfolk

Mobility issues do not have to limit the enjoyment you can have in your outdoor spaces. Embrace the freedom of the outdoors with an outdoor stairlift.

Outdoor stairlifts are the perfect solution for maintaining mobility and independence in your outdoor spaces. These specialised devices are designed to withstand the elements and are completely waterproof, ensuring you can safely navigate stairs in your garden, patio, or any other outdoor area.


Sit & Stand Stairlifts in Norfolk

Sit & stand stairlifts provide a versatile solution for those with mobility challenges who need to share their stairlift with others who have different needs. These innovative lifts provide the choice to either sit or stand while travelling up and down stairs.

These stairlifts are extremely accommodating, whether users have different preferences or needs. They are perfect for when two individuals need to share the same stairlift.

Grant accessibility for everyone who needs to use your stairlift with a stand & sit stairlift, complete with safety features and user-friendly controls.

Why Choose Halton Stairlifts in Norfolk

When it comes to mobility solutions, Halton Stairlifts stands out as the premier choice for Norfolk residents. Our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with mobility challenges is unwavering.

With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we offer a comprehensive range of stairlift solutions, whatever your staircase type or your budget and needs may be.

We always put comfort, safety, and quality at the forefront of what we do, making us extremely reliable to our customers.

Ultimately, Halton Stairlifts is a leading UK stairlift supplier, bringing you all of the leading, top-quality stairlift products.

Purchase with confidence with our generous 24-month warranty for new stairlifts and a 12-month warranty for reconditioned options. We recognise that investing in a stairlift is a significant decision, which is why we extend this remarkable guarantee to provide added assurance to our valued customers.

Choose Halton Stairlifts in Norfolk. We look forward to helping you regain your mobility and independence, making your home a safer, more accessible, and more comfortable place to live.

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