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At Halton Stairlifts, our mission is to bring positive change to the lives of families and homes across the North West by offering top-quality stairlifts for all types of staircases.

We’ve been successfully pursuing this mission since 2007. Our family-run business is here to serve those of you living across the North West and help you purchase a stairlift that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and needs.

Halton Stairlifts is a trusted stairlift provider based in the UK. We take pride in our commitment to stringent quality control. We understand that regaining confidence and comfort in your home is invaluable, and a stairlift can be a transformative addition to your life.

Our dedicated and friendly team of professionals at Halton Stairlifts offers a wide range of stairlifts, including various makes and models. We customise your stairlift tracks to ensure a seamless fit to your unique staircase and home.

With our wealth of experience, we are well-prepared to cater to your stairlift needs. We guide you in selecting the ideal stairlift for your staircase’s shape and budget. We recognise that struggles with mobility can crop up at any point in someone’s life.

If you are in search of a quality stairlift for yourself or a loved one, look no further. You will have no regrets once you find the perfect stairlift and have it installed. A stairlift enhances safety, reduces the risk of falls, and offers peace of mind to you and your family.

We have a stairlift for everyone on any budget. Together, we will pair you with your perfect stairlift.

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Halton Stairlifts: Here to Assist You

Halton Stairlifts offers a complimentary, obligation-free quotation service. Our team of experts will visit you at home. This allows us to assess the space available, advise you on the best stairlift type, and give you an accurate and free quotation.

We are a team of committed professionals here to help you select your ideal stairlift that perfectly fits your staircase’s size and configuration, understanding that each staircase is unique.

Being a UK-based company, we prioritise the quality of our stairlifts and the excellence of our service and engineering. Whether you’re looking to improve your life or the life of a loved one in the North West of England, Halton Stairlifts can help.


The Range of Stairlifts We Offer

Our diverse range of stairlifts ensures there’s a solution for every home. Choose from our range of straight stairlifts, hinged-rail stairlifts, slimline, curved, heavy-duty, outdoor stairlifts, and even stand and sit models. Our range caters to different heights, weights, and body types, ensuring inclusivity in our offerings. Expect meticulous attention to detail in our custom stairlift tracks, providing a precise and seamless fit to your staircase.

We collaborate with top-quality brands to offer the best products in the industry. For those on a tighter budget, we also provide solutions of reconditioned stairlift models and used devices. This is popular for those either looking to reduce costs or make a more sustainable choice.


Curved Stairlifts for North West

Curved stairlifts are a safety-improving solution for individuals with mobility challenges, reducing the risk of falls and hazards. Curved staircases can be a risk for anyone, so issues with mobility increase the risk even more.

Invest in a curved stairlift to alleviate the worries associated with navigating curved staircases.


Straight Stairlifts North West

Discover the convenience and safety of straight stairlifts, ideal for straight staircases. These stairlifts are easy to install and are often completed within just two hours. We ensure you fully understand how to operate your newly installed stairlift before concluding our visit.


Outdoor Stairlifts North West

Enjoy your outdoor spaces with outdoor stairlifts designed to withstand the elements. Do not let your outdoor space become off-limits if you struggle with mobility.

They provide a practical addition for anyone with limited mobility, allowing safe navigation of outdoor stairs. Whether in your garden, patio, or any other outdoor area, Halton Stairlifts can cover it all.


Sit & Stand Stairlifts North West

Our sit & stand stairlifts offer versatility for those with mobility challenges, accommodating different user preferences and needs. They are perfect when multiple individuals need to share the same stairlift but have different needs or preferences. Here lies the perfect solution to this problem.


Dual Rail Stairlifts North West

Dual rail stairlifts are an innovative solution for those facing complex staircase layouts. Unlike traditional single-rail designs, these stairlifts feature two parallel rails, providing added stability and flexibility. This design allows them to navigate intricate curves, tight bends, and multi-level landings with ease, making them ideal for homes with unconventional or space-restricted staircases.

Dual rail stairlifts ensure a safe ride while preserving valuable space. Their advanced technology and engineering guarantee reliability and performance, offering peace of mind to users with mobility challenges. With dual rail stairlifts, even the most challenging stair configurations become accessible and manageable.


Hinged Rail Stairlifts North West

Hinged rail stairlifts are a space-saving solution for homes with limited room at the base of the staircase. Their innovative design allows the lower rail section to fold or pivot when not in use, providing unobstructed access to the stairs. This feature ensures safety and convenience while maximising living space.

Why Choose Halton Stairlifts in the North West?

Halton Stairlifts is the premier choice for those in the North West seeking mobility solutions. With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we offer a comprehensive range of stairlift solutions, always prioritising comfort, safety, and quality.

With years of experience within the industry, you can count on us to provide you with the right stairlift to fit your home, staircase, needs, and budget.

There is something for everyone with us. Our fully trained and well-experienced engineers will tailor-make your stairlift tracks to fit seamlessly in your home.

Halton Stairlifts can be your leading stairlift company, supplying top brands and always putting our customers first with our exceptional customer service.

Take advantage of our free home quotation, which is there to give you an accurate cost so you can budget accordingly.

Buy with confidence with our generous warranties for new and reconditioned stairlifts. We offer a 24-month warranty for new and a 12-month one for reconditioned devices.

We look forward to helping you regain your mobility and independence, making your home safer, more accessible, and more comfortable.

Secure Your Stairlift With Halton Stairlifts Today!

We are proud of our diverse assortment of products and are aware of the significant impact they are having on the lives of UK citizens.

Whether you are looking for straight, curved, or reconditioned stairlift options, we offer fully customisable choices for your home. Don’t forget to check out our outdoor and rental stairlift options to make your home more adaptable in a cost-effective manner.

To help you quickly regain your independence, we aim to make our installations as smooth and efficient as possible. Limited mobility can be difficult to live with. We understand this and are here to listen to your needs and offer a 24-hour helpline for emergencies.

If you reside in Rochdale or the surrounding areas and think you may benefit from a stairlift installation in your home, call our friendly team today at 0800 644 7766. In addition, you can request a free, no-obligation quote or book a home survey with a member of our team.

Let us help you regain your independence and make your home more accessible and convenient. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

Call us today for a free quotation, without obligation. Tel 0800 644 7766

We provide a first class service to customers in England, Wales and Scotland.

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