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Straight Stairlifts

We offer a wide range of stairlifts suited to your home. If you have mobility issues and feel like you need that extra bit of support when using stairs, then our stairlifts are the solution.

Curved Stairlifts

We offer many different types of stairlifts here at Halton Stairlifts, from our signature stairlifts to our dual-rail curved stairlifts. We have it all. Explore our range of quality stairlifts today and regain your independence.

Used Stairlifts

We offer a wide range of used stairlifts suited to your home. If you have mobility issues and feel like you need that extra bit of support when using stairs, then our stairlifts are the solution.

Useful Information

We provide all types of useful information, so that our customers can browse our website and collect the information they require. We are also available on 0800 644 7766 for any questions or free expert impartial advice.

Need any other information please contact us direct on 0800 644 7766

recycle your unwanted stairlift with Halton Stairlift


Halton Stairlifts have fitted thousands of new & reconditioned straight & curved stairlifts across the UK, we are proud to show some of our installations and also how it has helped thousands of customers to stay independent in there much loved home.

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Contact Halton Stairlifts the UK’s leading new & reconditioned fast fit stairlift company, browse our website and find out how we can help you today.

Need any other information please contact us direct on 0800 644 7766

recycle your unwanted stairlift with Halton Stairlift

Stairlifts Wigan

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If you require a stairlift and are living in Wigan, then look no further than Halton Stairlifts. We are a team of specialists who are committed and at your service to providing you with the appropriate stairlift of your choice.

We offer an extremely wide range of stairlifts to suit every home, every individual, and every budget. At Halton Stairlifts, we ensure that we find you the perfect stairlift for your home, including for the structure of your staircase, because we come to your home to complete a home survey – all completely free. From here, you will be provided with a no-obligation quote, giving you complete transparency of the cost upfront.

Halton Stairlifts was born in 2007, and these many years of trading have allowed us to gain valuable experience and knowledge from this industry and grow to be experts at what we do.

Our success shows in the many years that we have been running. We are extremely proud and passionate about what we do. Giving people the confidence to have freedom, accessibility, and easy mobility around their homes is something that we are truly delighted to be able to provide with our service and stairlifts.

Mobility issues can happen at any stage of life and for lots of reasons. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then find out more about Halton Stairlifts today.

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How We Can Help Your Home in Wigan

We are a UK-based business. Over the years, we have gained lots of experience helping people feel super safe and stable in their homes.

Halton Stairlifts is now here to give more of you who reside in Wigan the gift of mobility today. After we have identified which stairlift type will be most suitable for you and your home, our engineers will create your stairlift tracks so that they perfectly fit your staircase.

Our experienced team will take great care and attention when creating your tracks and fitting your stairlift. With over a decade’s worth of experience, you know you will be in very good hands.


Our Selection of Stairlifts

You can be confident in our ability to find you the right stairlift and in our large range of stairlift types.

We stock curved, straight, dual-rail, heavy-duty and slimline stairlifts, bringing you all the top brands that the industry has to offer.

If you are looking to stick to a strict budget, do not fear, as we have you covered at Halton Stairlifts. We will recommend a stairlift from our reconditioned stairlifts or used stairlift line, which offers not only a budget-friendly solution for many in need of a stairlift but also a more sustainable option too.

Therefore, if you are looking to do more of your bit for the environment, these could be great options for you as well.

Our stairlifts at Halton Stairlifts will not only be suited to your staircase but also to your measurements. We factor in your frame, height, and weight and recommend the right model accordingly. The inclusive stairlift lines that we stock include our heavy-duty models, supporting up to 25 stone.

Let Halton Stairlifts find the right model for you today in Wigan.


Straight Stairlifts in Wigan

Straight stairlifts are the most straightforward to install. The installation process of straight stairlifts can be completed in as little as two hours, which is ideal for the most basic straight-constructed staircases.


Curved Stairlifts in Wigan

Curved staircases are a nightmare for anyone struggling with mobility. It is a serious hazard if you are uneasy on your feet and have curved stairs in your home.

A curved stairlift is a small change that can have the biggest impact on your lift. Limit the risk of accident or injury today with a curved stairlift from Halton Stairlifts.

You can tackle your curved stairs any day with the assistance of your curved stairlift. Regain confidence in your home today.


Hinged Rail Stairlifts in Wigan

If you have a narrow staircase, of 12 inches or less, then a hinged rail stairlift is the type that we would recommend to you.

Hinged rail stairlifts are also great for those who are worried about their stairlift getting in the way or becoming a trip hazard. These stairlifts fold away neatly for a compact solution when not in use. Simply choose from a powered or manual hinged rail stairlift type when you come to choose your model. The option you choose will also depend on what you need and your budget.


Why Choose Halton Stairlifts Wigan

You know you can count on us to provide you with the best stairlift solution in Wigan. Set your worries aside and speak to the professionals who can help you and best advise you today.

We have plenty of choices, from stairlift type to budget to new, used, and reconditioned. There really is something for everyone here at Halton Stairlifts, whatever your position may be.

Halton Stairlifts is a trusted name, which is why we have been running for as long as we have due to our continued success stories and our customers’ high-quality feedback.

The passion that we have for helping people and providing them with only the best, high-quality stairlift products is something that drives us to do more of what we do.

We always offer a fair price, and by finding the best stairlift to suit your budget, we will help you find the right solution for your situation. Sales pressure is not our style; we ensure every customer is happy with their purchase from the offset and throughout.

At Halton Stairlifts, we look forward to more people coming forward who reside in Wigan so we can continue to do the great work that we do.

Gaining confidence in your home again is something that you really cannot put a price on. We have a 24-month guarantee on all of our new stairlift models, and our reconditioned models come with a 12-month guarantee. This helps to give you the confidence you need to purchase, with peace of mind that you are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

You can call Halton Stairlifts today at 0800 644 7766 if you have any outstanding questions for us. A member of our team will always be happy to answer your call and answer any of your questions or queries.

Call us today for a free quotation, without obligation. Tel 0800 644 7766

We provide a first class service to customers in England, Wales and Scotland.

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