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If climbing the stairs has becomes too much of challenge to face each day, then you’ve probably already decided that a new or reconditioned stairlift is on the cards. However the one thing holding you back from installing a stairlift of your very own, might be the question, ‘can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?’. Halton Stairlifts are here to shed some light on your stairlift installation queries, from ‘how wide do stairs have to be for a stairlift?’ to highlighting your stairlift space requirements.

Can Stairlifts be Fitted to any Stairs?

At Halton Stairlifts, we can arrange a free home assessment to check out your stairlift installation requirements. During the home assessment, a specialist assessor will have a chat with you about your physical needs and mobility issues. They’ll then measure up your hallway, stairs, and landing, and ask about your preferences for stairlift styles in and around your budget. Once this is completed, our team are in a good position to make a reliable recommendation on the most suitable stairlift for your home. Your recommendation will usually fit within the following categories:

Straight stairlifts

A straight staircase will need a straight stairlift. Straight staircases run parallel to your stairs and tend to be the simplest and most straightforward of installations. If you’re worried your straight staircase is too narrow for a stairlift, or you have a small access hallway, we can explore options for compact slimline stairlifts that fold up neatly.

Curved Stairlifts

A curved staircase will need a curved stairlift. Just because your stairlift has corners and turns doesn’t mean you need to rule out having a stairlift fitted. Our installers can create a bespoke track system that will follow the contours of your staircase. Our contemporary installation methods for curved stairlifts also mean zero damage to your walls and carpet, as well as improving journeys up and down your curved stairway.

Commercial stairlifts

If you want to make a commercial setting more accessible for employees, residents, or the general public, a stairlift could be just the option. Halton Stairlifts have fitted stairlifts in retail units, offices, care homes, and restaurants, but there really are no limits to where we can install a stairlift. Whether your commercial property is in need of better internal or external stair access, we can give advice on the best models to suit your needs, as well as service and maintenance packages to keep your stairlift running smoothly for longer.

External stairlifts

If you have a set of steps or stairs outside your home or property, an external stairlift is a fantastic option. External stairlifts can reunite you with your favourite spot in the garden, or give you the chance to pop to the shops ‘for a few bits’, and show that stairlifts really can be fitted to any stairs.

When asked ‘can stairlifts be fitted to any stairs?’ we like to say ‘yes’ as often as we can. At Halton Stairlifts, we have a massive selection of stairlifts to suit most types of staircase, and we’ll do what we can to find the perfect solution to the problem of your stairs. On the rare occasion we can’t find a suitable stairlift, you can be assured we will never try to recommend a stairlift if we’re not completely certain it’s the right match for your home or premises.

If you’ve got a question about a staircase with corners or are looking for an outdoor stairlift, contact the Halton Stairlifts team who are always ready to help on 0800 644 7766.


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