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If getting up and down the stairs in your home is leaving you tired or causing pain, then investing in a stairlift is an absolute godsend. If you’re looking to get a stairlift installed, you’ve probably asked ‘how do I know which type of stairlift I need?’ so you choose the right stairlift for you. 

If it’s your first time dealing with stairlifts, the sheer number of make and model options can feel daunting. But with expert home surveys and fitting from Halton Stairlifts, there’s no need to worry about deciding. Your stairlift will be made to measure and once fitted will get you where you need to be, safely, fuss-free, and in no time at all.



Just like homes comes in all shapes and sizes, so too do staircases. Once you know the space you’re working with, finding the right stairlift comes easy! You can start the process with a quick observation and these three easy steps:

1. Firstly, take a look at your stairs – do they bend or turn at all?
2. Measure your stairs – how much space is around them, would a chair obstruct any walkways or doors?
3. Think about your budget – which styles and models suit you and your home the most?

To get you started, take a look at our ‘what is the difference between a curved stairlift and a straight stairlift?‘ blog post.

You might have also heard the use of the word chair lift in your search for help with the stairs.  Here we explain what’s the difference between a stairlift and a chairlift?


Straight Stairlifts


If your stairs go from the hallway to landing in a straight line then you’ll need a straight stairlift. Classic and popular in most homes, there are many benefits of having a straight stairlift. With no difficult construction to consider, there is less customisation needed for straight stairlifts. They’re affordable, easy to use, and best of all take next to no time to install!


Curved Stairlifts


Curved stairlift rail systems are the perfect match for homes with less typical layouts including half-landings and spiral staircases. Because they need to be customised to the curvature of your stairwell and home, curved stairlifts can take a little longer to install. However, the benefit of this is they will always be tailored to your exact needs. Curved stairlifts from Halton Stairlifts are fitted with a state of the art modern track rail system. This means they’re built to fit in almost every home neatly, without the need for any intrusive drilling of walls or damage to decor.


Compact Stairlifts


If your stairs are narrow you may need to choose a slimline model. Compact stairlifts are an ideal fit for hallways with little or limited space and fold away neatly for extra convenience. They’re quick and easy to install, and don’t require any big structural changes to your home.


Reconditioned Stairlifts


If you’re working within a specific budget then a reconditioned stairlift could be the perfect answer for you. Popular and slim-fitting, our range of used stairlifts are fully serviced and have been reconditioned to the highest standards to suit a wide variety of budgets.

Heavy Duty Stairlifts


Heavy duty stairlifts, like the new Brooks Heavy Duty Stairlift, are ideal if the user weighs over 20 stone. This is typically the upper weight limit of most traditional stairlift models. Because they have a greater weight limit, bariatric stairlifts can lift up to 25 stone. This makes it easier for larger individuals to manage the stairs.


Ready to book a free no-obligation home quote? Or need advice on which stairlift is right for you and your home? Call our friendly Halton Stairlift team on 0800 644 7766 to chat about your needs and arrange a free home assessment.