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As the weather starts to change, lots of us are spending more and more time in our homes. Naturally, this means that keeping things spick and span around the house starts to become more of a priority this time of year. As a lifetime investment and something you use every day, you’ll want to keep your stairlift clean, too. Read on to learn our best tips for keeping your stairlift in tip-top condition.


It’s natural that you’ll want to keep your stairlift looking and feeling clean and in full working order. To do this, lightly dust the seat and handrails regularly with a duster or dry cloth. The equipment itself will not need cleaning, but wiping over the seat and the controls will ensure that the parts being handled during everyday use are kept clean and germ-free.


When it’s time for a spring clean, you may be tempted to dig out the bleach and disinfectant. But, in actual fact, you should never use any solvents, bleach or other home cleaning products on your stairlift, as this can damage the equipment. It’s very rare that your stairlift will need a deep clean, if at all. If you feel your stairlift needs some TLC, use a damp (but not wet) cloth to gently remove and dirt or dust build up.


Servicing and warranty

When you purchase a stairlift from Halton, every type of stairlift comes with a completely free 12 month warranty. Standard cover starts from the very same day that your stairlift is installed, and this includes new and reconditioned stairlifts also.

It’s helpful to know that standard warranty from Halton comes with a 24-hour emergency call-out service, too. This means that if you ever suspect there is a problem with your stairlift, you can rest assured it can be sorted out in next to no time. This covers you for parts or fittings that may need replacing, and even covers you for any labor involved in repairing them.

Once 12 months have passed, the standard warranty on your stairlift will expire. There is no pressure to renew, and extended warranty can be purchased at any time, later date down the line.

With good care and proper use and maintenance, you can enjoy a lifetime of use out of your stairlift. If you’re ever in doubt about how to look after your stairlift though, always speak to a professional. The friendly expert team at Halton are on hand to answer your queries and concerns.


Are you due a new stairlift? Placing an order and having a fully installed stairlift can take as little as a few days. If you’d like your stairlift sooner, ask our team if next day delivery is available. Want to get moving or find out more about our extensive range of stairlifts and warranty options? Call us today on 0800 644 7766 for a no-obligation quote and to book your free home assessment.