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We all know that there are many health and wellbeing benefits that go hand in hand with keeping fit, particularly as we age. But, in situations where going to a gym or practicing standing exercises aren’t possible, seated workouts are essential.

Working on getting strength back in our bodies is important not just for our autonomy, but also for improving our physical and mental health. From simple toe taps, to Pilates and even dancing, we’ve highlighted the best seated workouts you can find online that stairlift users will find useful and fun.

More Life Health for Seniors

Lead by physiotherapist Mike, this fully seated workout video guides you through leg, upper body, and core exercises that can help you gently improve your flexibility and fitness levels as you go.

The SunFlower Channel

Who says exercise has to be boring! The Sunflower Youtube channel features a group of USA based professional teachers and therapists offering simple cardio workouts and even dance classes, all done from your chair. Just head to their YouTube channel and scroll through their workout videos to find the ones that suit you best.

The Body Coach

The Body Coach soared in popularity during lockdown, due to his at-home work out routines that kept kids all over the country happy and active. In this specialized seated workout specifically for seniors, he covers all sorts of exercises that anyone can practice from the comfort of their own home.

Chair Pilates

Head to the NHS fitness studio website and you’ll find a good selection of exercise videos, covering everything from strength and resistance exercises, aerobics, and gym-style workouts, too. This 30 minute video  covers a chair based Pilates session that when practiced regularly, can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility.

The beauty of these workouts is that they all involve practical exercises you can try from the comfort of your armchair or stairlift, and they can relieve stress and tension. Have fun when practicing and don’t forget to stop for water breaks! But remember: always consult a doctor or medical professional before trying any exercises you’re unsure of.

If you’re looking for a way to get up and down the stairs more easily, then having a stairlift installed may be the answer. Finding a stairlift that’s safe, comfortable and affordable doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experts at Halton Stairlifts can offer easy and straightforward advice, and a free no obligation home assessment. Call the team today on 0800 644 7766 to book yours.