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If moving around your home independently is becoming difficult for you or a member of your family, then you may well be considering a stairlift. But if you’ve never used one before – let alone had one in your home – you might be wondering ‘how safe is a stairlift?’ and ‘is a stairlift right for me and my family?’

From built-in sensors to seatbelts, there are many reasons a stairlift is the safest and most practical option for you and your family. Read on to find out more.

What makes stairlifts so safe?

Having a stairlift installed in your own home might seem like a big undertaking, but in reality the process is seamless and straightforward. Having a reliable mobility aid at your fingertips is also much less hassle than uprooting and having to live somewhere new like sheltered accommodation or a bungalow. Whether you’re prone to falling, or simply need some extra support when getting up flights of stairs, modern stairlifts from a reputable supplier offers guaranteed safety for its users.

Modern stairlifts are made to measure, and always designed with the user’s mobility needs in mind. Powered and automatic swivel seat options for your stairlift mean that the chair seat can be turned when you reach the top of the stairs. This flexibility ensures the user isn’t turning or straining themselves when getting on and off the stairlift. It also means the turned chair can act as a barrier, so in the unlikely event that the person using the stairlift was to lose balance, they couldn’t fall down the stairs and injure themselves.

Built in safety features

  • Inertia reel seatbelt
    Each and every Halton Stairlift comes with a built-in retractable seatbelt, so you and your family members can feel safe and secure during every single ride up and down the stairs.
  • Sensors
    Concerned about bumping into something on the stairs – like clutter, something you’ve dropped, or even a pet? Thanks to your stairlift’s safety sensors, there’s no need to worry. Your stairlift will be fitted with sensors that automatically cut off power if it detects any sort of obstruction in its way. Once the obstacle’s been removed, the stairlift will safely and smoothly resume its descent or ascent along the stairs.
  • Key switch
    Want to prevent anyone from tampering with your stairlift? That’s exactly what the key switch is designed for! Turning the key switch enables you to isolate the on/off function to your stairlift, so it can only be active and in use when you want and need it to be – keeping everyone safe.

Has going up and down the stairs got you experiencing pain, discomfort or breathlessness? If so, then it might be time to consider using a stairlift. Opting for a stairlift lets you stay put in the family home that you know and love. If you’d like to learn more about Halton’s full range of stairlifts or any of our features, call our friendly team on 0151 433 3670 to request a brochure or to arrange a no-obligation quote.