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As the temperature drops many people feel more than the chill, due to cold weather joint pain. For arthritis sufferers, cold weather can spell increased joint stiffness and swelling, and worsening aches and pains, making it hard to get out and about and performing everyday tasks becomes difficult. Finding successful tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather means that the winter season won’t be as daunting and giving people the opportunity to really enjoy the season and the build-up to Christmas. 

Arthritis can be problematic all year round, but living with arthritis in winter months can create extra challenges, especially if the cold weather starts to affect mobility. With icy surfaces aplenty, popping to the shops for a few Christmas essentials or winter warming goodies with reduced range of movement in your joints can be extremely dangerous, and quite often managing these risks means restricting yourself to stay indoors and relying on others for help.

Halton Stairlifts have put together some helpful tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather, so that you can make the most of winter pain-free and as independent as possible,

Why does arthritis hurt in cold weather?

There’s no hard evidence to suggest that there is a medical reason behind increased sensations of pain as the temperature starts to go down. But, with anecdotal reports suggesting that grandparents can predict the weather based on how their knees are feeling, there is likely to be some substance to a couple of theories. The link between barometric pressure and arthritis is often investigated as the reason why some people with osteoarthritis experience heightened sensitivity to the weather. Also, it’s suggested that when the cold comes in it can affect blood circulation and increases muscular spasms, contributing to feelings of worsening aches throughout the body.

Tips for Relieving Arthritis Pain in Cold Weather.

If you’re wondering how do you get rid of body aches in the winter? Give our easy tips for relieving arthritis pain in cold weather a try.

Warm Up

It may seem obvious but keeping your limbs and joints warm can go a long way to relieving arthritis symptoms. Add extra layers of loose clothing. Turn up the thermostat a little. Take warm baths and showers. Use every opportunity to keep the warmth in your muscles and the cold out.

Speak to your Doctor

If your arthritis is self-managed or relatively problem-free over the year, booking an appointment to see your Doctor might not be your first thought. Your GP is able to give you advice on managing your symptoms and may be able to prescribe more effective anti-inflammatory medication than that available over the counter.

Drink Up

You wouldn’t run your car engine without adding oil to lubricate all the parts. And your body isn’t any different. Increasing your fluid intake will keep you hydrated and keep your joints nicely lubricated, limiting wear and tear and preventing the onset of pain.

Stay Active

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s more tempting to stay at home and cuddle up on the couch with an old movie or a good book. But this seasonal inactivity might not be actually doing your joints any good, ultimately adding to muscle and joint soreness and swelling. Where possible, keep moving with housework, regular stretching, or a home workout.

Fish Oil

Take your supplements. Fish oil supplements are widely believed to help reduce inflammation of the joints and connective tissue around them, improving your mobility and relieving you of wintery aches.

Holistic Treatments

If the aches in your body leave you feeling awful, why not treat yourself to a pampering treatment. Indulge in a relaxing, gentle massage to release muscle tension and allow your body to soak up anti-inflammatory essential oils. Or, perhaps a little less relaxing, try an effective acupuncture session to target specific areas of pain by inserting tiny needles into pressure points with many people reporting instant relief from aches.

Finding tips for relieving arthritis pain that work for you may prove to be hard work, as arthritis and cold weather can affect people differently. If you’re in between treatments or are struggling to find relief, Halton Stairlifts can help at those times when your mobility is more of a problem and you’re finding the stairs a bigger challenge than usual. Contact our friendly customer services team for a free no obligation quote on a new or reconditioned stairlift, or ask about our rental options if you only need assistance getting up the stairs over a temporary period.  


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