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Yes, you might do it every day, but climbing the stairs doesn’t ever feel like it gets any easier. That’s because climbing the stairs is a physically demanding task. Even Olympic athletes feel out of breath when they tackle a few flights of stairs. But if you’re starting to struggle with going upstairs more than you used to, you might want to know ‘how can I make walking upstairs easier?’

Installing a stairlift is an obvious solution to problems with the stairs. But if you want to wait a little longer before buying a stairlift, there are things you can do to make climbing the stairs a little easier in the meantime.


How Can I Make Walking Upstairs Easier?


Walking upstairs might feel like hard work, or even painful at times. Here we’ve put together some tips that may help to make using the stairs a little more comfortable.

Do a little warm-up


A warm-up can help if you have problems with your joints, or find your legs get stiff after sitting for a while.  After you stand up, take some time to walk around the room before you approach the stairs. This will help to improve circulation to the muscles and get your joints moving so they’re ready when you start to climb.


Let your good knee take the lead


Take the stairs one step at a time. And each time you take a step put your best leg forward first. Your stronger leg will help to reduce the stress on weaker joints and can mean that climbing the stairs becomes less difficult.


Better balance with a handrail


Home adaptations and stair aids can help to make climbing the stairs easier. Quick to fit and very cost-effective, a second handrail can help you to keep your balance and take the pressure off weak muscles and sore joints


Get stronger


If you’re in the right mindset, adding some exercise into your routine won’t just improve your cardiovascular health, it can also strengthen the muscles used to climb stairs. Before you get started though, check with your GP first. They’ll advise on the best types of activity to match your ability. Stronger leg and core muscles mean less strain is put on your joints

Install a stairlift


A stairlift helps to remove the physical element of climbing the stairs. And because they’re really comfortable, easy to use, and come with automated options, going upstairs becomes even easier. Stairlifts also come with a range of the latest safety features and are designed to smoothly glide along a stair rail, removing any worry you might have about using one.

If climbing the stairs feels like too much of a challenge, and just isn’t worth the pain, speak to our team of stairlift experts who can give you advice. We’ll explain the difference between a curved stairlift and a straight stairlift and answer any of your questions. Find out more about our unbeatable range of big-name brand stairlifts by calling 0800 644 7766 right now.