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Obesity can cause restricted movement, breathing difficulties, and painful joints. And this means a growing number of obese older adults are in need of mobility aids.  Home adaptations help overweight adults get around their home and perform daily tasks. With an increasing demand for heavy-duty stairlifts capable of lifting a heavier person, more and more people want to know the answer to the question ‘is there a weight limit for stairlifts?’. So, what is the maximum weight limit of a stairlift?


Obesity and Mobility


Ageing already leaves us prone to musculoskeletal disorders. This affects mobility and impacts independence. But in 2019, the NHS Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet revealed that ‘29% of adults are classified as obese’. Which means there is a growing number of ageing adults who are also considered obese. Any mobility impairment linked to getting older is likely to be significantly exacerbated by their weight.

Obese individuals with impaired mobility are presented with two issues. First, they are in need of equipment to help them stay independent in their own home. Second, they need equipment specially designed to support their extra weight.

Many obese individuals find weight-bearing a problem. So using the stairs presents a particular challenge. A heavy-duty stairlift could be just the answer they’re looking for.


Is There a Weight Limit for Stairlifts?


Yes. Most traditional stairlifts have a stairlift weight capacity of 20 stone. But this limit has been re-evaluated to accommodate larger adults struggling with the stairs.

With a growing need for stronger stairlifts with an increased weight limit, the maximum weight limit on some models of stairlift now ranges between 25 stone to 31 stone.


Heavy-Duty Stairlifts at Halton Stairlifts


Halton Stairlifts supply a small selection of heavy-duty stairlifts from big-name stairlift brands. Perfect for helping heavier adults to manage the stairs safely and with confidence.

If you’re looking for a straight stairlift with higher weight capacity, the New Brooks Heavy Duty Stairlift can carry up to 25 stone.

If you’re in need of a curved stairlift that can carry a heavier weight, the Brand New Platinum Curved Heavy Duty Stairlift also carries up to 25 stone.

For a more comfortable ride, both straight and curved heavy-duty stairlifts also tend to feature:

  • A wider and deeper seat
  • Longer armrests
  • A longer seatbelt
  • A swivel seat to help with weight-bearing transfers


Get a Quote on Heavy Duty Stairlifts


If you, or someone you know, would like more advice on bariatric stairlifts and their weight limits, speak to our team. We’re more than happy to answer your questions. Call us on 0800 644 7766. Or get a FREE quick quote on a heavy-duty stairlift today, with absolutely no obligation to buy.