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January is synonymous with people making ambitious resolutions. Lots of people make plans for how they intend to spend the rest of their year. But over time, our aspirations can tend to become less adventurous and a little more practical. Whether you want to start afresh or try something you’ve always been curious about, the new year is a great time to focus on your goals. Here are just a few realistic new year resolution ideas for older people to inspire you. We think they’re a great starting point for helping you set (and keep!) your goals this year.


New Year Resolution Ideas for Older People


Get out more


The healing power of nature is second to none. Think about it, during colder months we tend to spend much more time indoors. But getting out in some nature can revive us mentally and physically, even if it’s not for long periods. Try a brisk walk, a stroll with a neighbour or pet, or even take the grandkids to feed the ducks. The physical benefits of exercise for older adults are widely reported, and with mood-boosting advantages, moving more is key to looking after your mental health too.


Take up a hobby


This can be as strenuous or relaxed as you like. Try gentle yoga and morning aqua aerobics classes or knitting and painting in your own home. There are tons of fun hobbies out there that are inexpensive and easy to try. No experience needed, you simply need the time and the inclination to have a go! Organisations like Age UK can help you to find classes and workshops in your local area.

Reconnect with an old friend


As we get a little older, it’s only natural that getting out and being social becomes less of a priority. But in reality, regular social interactions can do wonders for our mood and mindset, whatever our age. A new year is a perfect excuse to reconnect with a long lost companion or family friend we may not have heard from in a while, so pick up the phone for a chat.

Alternatively, why not focus on making new friendships or connections this year?
There’s often a lot more going on in our local communities than we realise. Social clubs, book clubs and even local bingo sessions can be a brilliant opportunity to have fun and meet likeminded people in your area.


Challenge your mind


Trying something new doesn’t have to mean getting physical. If you’re not particularly active on your feet, but want to challenge your mind, there are plenty of ways to do this.
Try downloading an app of puzzles and brainteasers, and challenge yourself to complete one a day. Alternatively, games, riddles, and crossword books in physical form are easy to get hold of and a great way to recharge your batteries. They’re the ideal activity for passing time and also invite a good sense of mental wellbeing, so grab a pen and have a go!


Try something new


They say variety is the spice of life. Why not keep busy by learning a new language? If you have access to a tablet or smartphone, there are great simple apps that can help you do this, like Duolingo.

Expand your waistline as well as your vocabulary. It’s true that our appetites and palates tend to change as we get older, but experimenting with food is a great way to make mealtimes a little more exciting. Try a new cookbook and you can experience the taste of other cultures without ever having to leave the house!

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