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If you or a family member are becoming unsteady on their feet and around the home, a custom-built stairlift can be a great solution. A stairlift can help with getting from A to B while giving someone back their sense of independence. But if it’s your first time adapting your home for mobility purposes, you’re likely to have questions like ‘how do stairlifts work?’ and ‘will my home be able to fit a stairlift?’

Stairlifts can seem like a big change to your home and lifestyle, but it needn’t be a complicated process. In fact, with Halton Stairlifts, it couldn’t be simpler. Take a look at our handy stairlift advice guide. This will take you through the process from start to finish, and ensure you’re confident choosing the right stairlift for your needs.


How do stairlifts work?


A stairlift is an important investment, so you’ll want to know exactly how they work in your home. The first thing to consider is space. With Halton Stairlifts, you’ll receive a friendly free home assessment. During the home survey, our experts will fully measure your stairs in order to work out your unique stairlift installation requirements.

Next, you may be thinking, how much space does a stairlift require? A stairlift can be fitted to staircases of varying shapes and sizes. However, stairlifts from Halton will always be made to measure. During your home survey, our experts will always advise on the appropriate model for your stairs, whether that’s a straight stairlift or a curved one.


How is a stairlift powered?


Once you’ve sussed out where your stairlift will go and how it will be fitted, next you’ll want to know how it’s powered. One of the most frequently asked questions when renting or buying a stairlift is ‘are stairlifts battery powered?’

A benefit to modern stairlifts is that they are battery-powered. This means that in the unlikely event of a power cut, the stairlift will carry on working. It also means that they are energy efficient, as their main source of power comes from the battery.

Stairlift electrical requirements are simple. Almost anyone can use and run a stairlift easily. There are three main parts to a stairlift unit:

  • The motor | This can be found inside the base of the stairlift and is what powers the chair to move.
  • The gears | The gear is turned by the motor and is what allows the stairlift to be manoeuvred up and down.
  • The battery | Usually found hidden away inside the stairlift’s base, this is the main electricity source for your stairlift. A mains power outlet is still needed for your stairlift, but only to recharge the stairlift’s batteries.


How is a stairlift operated?


A stairlift is operated with two main sets of simple controls:

  • Armrest controls | adjustable for comfort when using the chair.
  • A remote control | for ascending and descending in the stairlift.

Functional stairlifts are great for improving accessibility for people with restricted movement or pain due to physical disability or ailment. If you or a family member has ever suffered from a debilitating condition such as cerebral palsy, stroke or arthritis, then stairlifts with these simple functions can ease the strain. Easy to use controls make life easier and more comfortable for you and those around you.

Stairlifts are a popular choice for people who have reduced cognition or dementia too. Stairlifts are a secure and safe way to travel around the home, providing family and carers with complete reassurance.


So, what should you do if your stairlift breaks down?


Providing proper care and maintenance has been applied to your chosen stairlift, a breakdown shouldn’t happen. If you’re unsure, helpful advice on how to care for your stairlift can be found in our handy guide.

In the unlikely event that your stairlift does experience an issue, don’t panic. Halton Stairlifts have a 24-hour call-out service offering stairlift repairs and servicing. Halton Stairlifts warranty cover means you’ll automatically be covered for twelve months with a standard warranty when you purchase your stairlift. You’ll also have the option to extend your warranty at any time, to give you complete peace of mind.

Understanding how stairlifts work means you can be completely confident in buying one that will be the perfect fit for you or your loved one’s home. Call us on 0800 644 7766 for a no-obligation quote, or to find out more about warranty cover options for your preferred stairlift.