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When you need some extra help with climbing the stairs, a stairlift is a practical and convenient option for many. With no need to move house or endure extensive modifications to your home, stairlifts can be quickly installed and ready for use within a matter of days. But before you invest in a stairlift, there are a few things you’ll want to know, including the answer to the question ‘how much does a stairlift cost?’. 

Our Halton Stairlifts guide to stairlift costs will take a look at the average cost of stairlifts, the factors influencing their price, and also the value that they bring to an individual.


How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?


A 2018 Which? survey found the average cost of a new stairlift was £3,369. However, the cost of a stairlift is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Are you looking for a new or reconditioned model?
  • Do you need a stairlift for straight or curved stairs?
  • Are your stairs of a standard length?
  • Do you require manual or automated features?
  • Do you need a hinged stairlift rail?

What is the Average Cost of a Stairlift from Halton Stairlifts?


Halton Stairlifts offer a competitive quote for each stairlift, so the average cost of stairlift from us will be lower than most other retailers and suppliers. The best way to get an accurate price from Halton Stairlifts is to speak to our team or arrange a home survey. Our experienced surveyors will explain your options and provide an honest and transparent quote. Giving you our lowest possible price, we never resort to discount tactics like ‘removing the VAT’ as stairlifts are already eligible for zero VAT rating.

How Much do New Stairlifts Cost?


Halton Stairlifts supply new stairlifts from a range of top UK stairlift manufacturers. The cost of new stairlifts will vary between brands. New stairlifts can start from around £1,795 for a standard straight model and cost around £4,500 for a curved model.


How Much does a Reconditioned Stair lift Cost?


A reconditioned stair lift will typically cost less than a brand new unit, often around half the price of a newer alternative. A reconditioned stairlift is a used stairlift that has been restored and serviced to full working order. Ready for resale, a basic straight reconditioned unit can start from as little as £1195.

Halton Stairlifts supply and install reconditioned stairlifts from well-known stairlift brands like Acorn, Brooks, and Stannah.


How Much do Straight Stairlifts Cost?


According to Which? the average price paid for a new straight stairlift was £2,679. Standard straight stairlifts will usually fall within a price range of £1,500 to £2,500 approximately. Their cost will depend on whether you opt for any additional features like an automated footrest for example.


How Much do Curved Stairlifts Cost?


The average cost of a new curved stairlift is around £4,248. You can usually buy new curved stairlifts for between £4,000 and £4,500. But, why are curved stairlifts more expensive? Curved stairlifts tend to cost more than a straight stairlift, as a bespoke rail will be made tailored to the bends and dimensions of the staircase.

Take a look at our guide to curved stairlifts for more information.

As a general rule, every corner in your staircase will double the initial price. If you have a staircase formed of two straight flights of stairs with a landing area in between, it may be cheaper to buy two straight stairlifts instead of one curved one. You would need to be mobile enough to move from one lift to the other, though.


Spread the Cost of Your Stairlift


Once you’re familiar with how much your likely to spend and which type of stairlift will suit your budget, you will also want to consider the value it will bring to your life. You may benefit from additional features that help to boost your confidence in using a stairlift, reduce pain, or just generally make using your stairlift that bit easier, which may end up costing you a little more.  Our 0% finance options allow you to spread your payments over several months without accruing any interest. This may allow you to stretch your budget a little further, so you can fully benefit from all our stairlifts have to offer. You may also be able to get help with stairlift costs if you’re buying a stairlift on a budget and find the answer to the question ‘Can I get a grant for a stairlift?’.

Alternatively, our extended warranty cover offers extra protection for your stairlifts after the first twelve-month standard warranty expires. This will help to keep your stairlift in great condition, keeping the need for repairs (and their costs) to a minimum.

Take a look at our budget stairlifts gallery, to see what kinds of stairlifts you can get for your money. Or check out our top tips for buying a stairlift at the best price.

Always competitively priced, at Halton Stairlifts we also have a price guarantee. If you find the same stairlift make and model with another company, we promise to beat any like-for-like genuine quote. Get a quick quote now or arrange a FREE home assessment to meet one of our surveyors and find out more about your stairlift options.