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‘The Get Wise to Buying a Stairlift Guide’ was produced by the British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) as an independent guide to buying a stairlift. Focussing on every aspect of buying a stairlift, it covers everything from choosing your stairlift to stairlift maintenance.


The BHTA represent almost 500 companies throughout Britain.  Each company agrees to follow and comply with the BHTA Code of Practice, approved by The Chartered Trading Standards Institute. As a BHTA member, Halton Stairlifts operates to higher standards of customer protection and service.


There are lots of different ways to look after your stairlift, including stairlift maintenance, servicing, warranties and other types of care for your product. And if you know how to care for your stairlift you can avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.


All new lifts come with a minimum guarantee of twelve months. This covers the cost of parts, labour and call outs. Halton Stairlifts offer a twelve month warranty as standard with every new or reconditioned stairlift bought from us.


Other types of care available are:


Stairlift Maintenance and Servicing


As recommended by British Safety Standards it is imperative that your lift is serviced annually. This safety check is very important as it can identify if the lift safety features are all working correctly and bolts and fittings are tightened and checked. Halton Stairlifts carry out servicing onsite. Find out more in our ‘do stairlifts need servicing?’ blog post.


Fully comprehensive extended warranty  


This is generally an extension of the guarantee. The cost varies between companies and according to how many years you opt for. This cover includes parts, labour, call outs and servicing checks. Find out more about ‘what stairlift warranty do Halton Stairlifts offer?’.


Service only


This tends to be a cheaper alternative to an extended warranty. It may be the only option available for lifts bought second hand. You book a service, once a year. The cost covers labour, but you have to pay for any replacement parts.


Emergency call outs


If the lift breaks down and you don’t have a maintenance contract, you will need to call out the manufacturer, stairlift supplier, or a repair firm. Typical costs will be comparable to a plumber or electrician’s call-out charge, excluding parts. Before taking on any type of maintenance contract, check what it includes and hours of call out availability.



Servicing and payments


Depending on where you live and how you buy your stairlift, you may be able to get help with servicing costs from your council, registered social landlord or social services. This is dependent on local policies but it is worth making enquiries before you enter into any service agreement. Check if you are required to pay for any maintenance work if the lift is supplied as part of a grant.




The warranties offered by stairlift firms cover the lift only for mechanical failure. If you want cover against accidental damage, and things like fire, theft or flooding, you will need to take out insurance on the lift. Insurance companies vary in whether they insure stairlifts under contents or buildings policies, or indeed at all. Always tell your insurance company when you are having a stairlift installed. If your local authority is responsible for the stairlift and for servicing, it might also pay for insuring it. Specialist insurers are able to give specific policies for stairlifts. Information on these can usually be acquired from your local BHTA stairlift member.



For stairlift servicing and repairs or advice on stairlift maintenance, call the stairlift experts at Halton Stairlifts on 0800 644 7766. Get a free quote with no hard-sell, just honest impartial advice from an independent stairlift supplier.