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2022 is here, which means it’s time to get practicing those New Years Resolutions!

Resolutions are, of course, personal and specific to each of us as individuals. But, if you want to embrace a fresh start this New Year and are struggling to change things up, take a look at our New Year’s Resolution ideas for older adults below.


Exercise your mind

Health is wealth! When making resolutions to get healthier, we hear so much emphasis put on the idea of physical fitness. While this of course has its importance, another aspect of health that’s equally important is exercising our minds and memories. Getting older can cause our mental faculties to deteriorate, so it’s important to regularly stimulate our brains as much as possible. From watching quiz shows, to pastimes like taking up a new language or learning to play an instrument – there are plenty of things we can do to get the ball rolling. Aiming to read more books, doing jigsaws, and even trying your hand at the weekly crossword puzzles are fun and un-taxing ways to keep our minds sharp – so give them a go and see if you can make it part of your daily routine.

Try new things

Sticking to what we’ve always known and liked can be comforting, but after a while it can cause us to get stuck in a rut. Why not branch out and break the cycle by trying something new? Experiment with a new recipe, take up a new hobby, or join a new class. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but small changes can go a long way to improving our mood and our wellbeing.


Get better at talking about the difficult stuff

This one might not sound like the most light-hearted resolution, but it’s an important one. While in good health, work with someone you trust to plan for the future. Discussing Wills and caregiving plans might sound daunting at first, but in reality, it’s healthy to talk about our future. Planning ahead and communicating your wishes openly ensures everyone understands your wants and needs. Doing so can also avoid any confusion, worry, or added stress for loved ones down the line.

How has this past year been for you? If you or a loved one want to feel more independent a home this Winter and New Year then having a stairlift installed can enable you to have non-restrictive access to the whole living area. Speak to the friendly team at Halton on 0800 644 7766 to discuss your stairlift installation options, or to arrange your no obligation home assessment today.