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They work 365 days a year. They go above and beyond for the people they love. And there are over 6.5 million of them in the UK.

Who are we talking about? Carers of course!

25th November marks Carer’s Rights Day in the UK. It’s a day to recognize and celebrate the contribution carers make to families and communities throughout the UK every day.

Do you know a carer looking for support or do you simply want to celebrate a carer in your life?
Read on to find out more.


Practice Gratitude

Whether it’s temporary help we require while recovering from illness or surgery, or long-term support while dealing with disability or aging, many of us rely and depend on carers and caregivers at some stage in our lives. While it’s one of the world’s most important jobs, it can sometimes feel a little thankless. This doesn’t mean that all their kindness and patience is taken for granted, though. Take time out of your day to show your appreciation, write a heartfelt thank you note, or simply write down everything you’re thankful for and pass it on to your carer to let them know.

Remind them they’re not alone

Organisations like Carers UK offer a wealth of practical support and guidance for carers. They work closely with local authorities and can provide access to a digital resource specifically for carers that covers topics like health and wellbeing, financial planning, and technology and caring. As well as being a hub with lots of free information and advice, they also have an online forum where carers can chat to like-minded people about anything and everything.

Say it without words

Saying thank you doesn’t need to mean flashy or extravagant gifts. However, a small but meaningful gesture can go a long way. Gift cards, gift baskets and flowers are a nice touch for reminding the carers in our lives that we appreciate them, or go one further and find a small but significant gift you’ll know they love. You don’t need a special occasion to gift them something thoughtful. Try a ‘just because’ giff and you might be surprised how much it brightens their day.

Nominate your carer for an award

A great way to say a huge thank you to the carer in your life or your community is by nominating them for an award or title like ‘Carer of the week’. Organisations like thankacarer.com reward carers with weekly giveaways. Simply get in touch with them via their website or Facebook page and let them know why your carer is outstanding for a chance to win.

Take away the extra strain

Carers are renowned for going above and beyond for the people they care for. But sometimes this can mean tricky physical tasks like helping those struggling up the stairs. By having a stairlift installed, you can take away to worry and stress of needing to be assisted up and down the stairs regularly. Stairlifts aren’t the right fit for everyone, but thousands of happy Halton customers let us know each and every year that getting their very own stairlift is a decision they wish they’d made sooner.

If you need advice about stairlifts, speak to the friendly team at Halton on 0800 644 7766 to discuss stairlift installation options. You can also arrange a free no-obligation home assessment at any time.

It’s important to give back to those that give.  So from all of us at Halton Stairlifts, Happy Carer’s Day!