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If you know how to care for a stairlift you shouldn’t encounter any problems with using your stairlift. Especially if you’re still within your stairlift warranty cover.  But one common query that many stairlift owners have is ‘why is my stairlift beeping?’. 

If your stairlift is beeping, don’t worry. This is likely to be something you can resolve yourself without needing to call your stairlift company. All our straight stairlifts have an onboard diagnostic system to help diagnose any faults. But if you want some extra help, here we look at the possible reasons why your stairlift is making a noise and simple ways for you to fix it.


Why is My Stairlift Beeping?


If your stairlift is beeping or making noises, it’s trying to tell you there’s a problem with the battery.

When it’s not in use, your stairlift should be returned to its charging station so the stairlift battery can recharge.

If your stairlift is not charging properly, it will beep intermittently to alert you. This helps to prevent the battery from draining completely so that you can still use your stairlift safely.

How Long do Stairlift Batteries Last?


In the event of a power cut, a fully charged stairlift battery should cover your stairlift for around eight return journeys. It’s best practice to connect your stairlift to the charging location at the top or bottom of the stairs, so the battery can charge up when the lift isn’t being used. With proper care and use, your stairlift battery should last between three to five years before it needs replacing. Take a look at our stairlift battery care guide.


Why isn’t My Stairlift Charging Properly?


If your stairlift is beeping, you’ll need to look for the reason why it isn’t charging properly.

Your first step should be to confirm whether it is your stairlift that is beeping and not another appliance. Smoke detectors in need of a new battery can emit a very similar sound.

Next, you can:

  • Check your power point. Is the wall switch on?
  • Check your stairlift connection. Is your stairlift parked properly in the charging station?
  • Check the charging station. Is the connection strip clean and aligned properly?
  • Check your fuse box. Has the power tripped?
  • Check the street lights. Has there been a power cut?


Does my Stairlift Need a Service?


You can help to prevent poor connection with the charging station with regular cleaning. A dirty connection strip can stop the battery from charging. Dirt build-up can also cause stairlift parts to jam affecting connection to the power supply. A quick wipe over can stop your stairlift from beeping, without needing to call out an engineer.

If you have completed all of your checks and your stairlift continues to beep, it may be in need of servicing or repairs. Try troubleshooting with our ‘why is my stairlift not working?‘ blog post. Or contact our team on 0800 644 7766 to arrange 24-hour call out for stairlift repairs and servicing. Our expert engineers will assess and service your lift as needed and give you any advice to help keep your stairlift running smoothly and trouble-free in future. 

Or if your stairlift is in need of an upgrade, take a look at our latest models from popular UK stairlift brands like Brooks, Stannah, and Acorn, and ask our team for a quick quote

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