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Winter weather safety tips for older people. From frost to icey temperatures, weather warnings this time of year are no surprise. But with that said, being prepared for a cold snap ahead of time is always helpful, no matter what our level of mobility may be. We’ve compiled a list of Winter safety tips and useful tricks when planning for bad weather. Read on to find out more.

Stock up

When it comes to Winter weather safety tips for older people, most of us will have experienced this first tip during 2020’s first few lockdowns. Consider getting your pantry or cupboard organised and filled up with practical long-life items like tinned goods and pasta. This way, if the weather does take a turn and you find yourself home bound for a while, you’ll have plenty of supplies and won’t get caught short having to venture out for essentials in the cold, sleet or snow.

Keep the chill out

One of the biggest problems for many older adults, especially those living on their own, is not staying warm enough in their homes. Particularly if they are living on their own. Extremely low temperatures in particular can cause more serious health conditions such as pneumonia or even hypothermia. Keeping warm can be an important part of our general wellbeing. If you have a serious health condition or disability and live in the UK, you may well be entitled to something called cold weather payment.

When it comes to cold weather health risks, get practical and think ahead before the temperature drops. Keep up to date on the local weather forecast so you can be one step ahead. You can find out about clever and practical ways to keep yourself and your home warmer for longer by reading our
blog here.

Grit your paths and driveways

Cold, harsh winter weather conditions don’t just affect our mood. Dipping temperatures and icey floors can also cause issues to our balance and safety if we’re no longer quick on our feet. So it’s important time of year to make sure we’re feeling safe comfortable in our homes this Winter.

Snow, sleet and ice have a lot to answer for! To avoid slips and potential falls on iced over drives and walkways, consider gritting the outside of your home. Gritting should be carried out when ice, snow or frost is forecast or when the temperatures are at, or below freezing. Remember to only ever use salt, sand, or grit – not water. Using water means it can refreeze and turn to black ice – which can be even more dangerous as it’s usually invisible.

Are you concerned about your or a loved one’s mobility in the home this winter? Our experienced engineers at Halton Stairlifts are on hand to answer any questions you might have about indoor stairlifts to improve access in and around a property. Call the friendly team on 0800 644 7766 to discuss all our straight and curved stairlift options, or to arrange your completely free home assessment today.